Quick Tips for Curved Piecing

December 19, 2023

Curved Piecing

Hello, quilting friends! Grab your favourite cuppa because I’ve got an enchanting tale to share—an unforgettable quilting escapade that transformed a spare drunkard’s path block into a wardrobe wonder.

I’m Giuseppina Aleo, affectionately known as Pina of Quilt Delights. Italian by nature, British by residence, I began my quilting odyssey during a stressful chapter of life, seeking solace in the embrace of creativity. Since then, it’s been a joy-filled adventure, marked by the creation of a growing collection of mesmerising quilted projects.

While I hold a special place for classic techniques, the true magic happens when I dive into the captivating world of curved piecing. There’s a mysterious energy, flow, and movement that curves bring to quilts—a delightful dance that keeps me hooked.

Beyond the quilting studio, you’ll catch me taking walks in the beautiful British gardens where I capture inspiration from nature. Indoors, I’ll be conjuring up the latest Italian recipes for heart-warming meals that fuel the day. When I’m not at the stove, my trusted sewing machine awaits, ready for action. If I’m not quilting, you’ll find me immersed in dressmaking and creating quilted apparel that tells a story. In 2022, I bravely entered the Festival of Quilts, UK and was shortlisted with my ‘Out to Sea’ quilted poncho.

Join me on this journey of joy as we explore the enchanting world of curved piecing.

It’s not just about quilting; it’s about embracing creativity, finding solace, and crafting a life filled with moments of pure quilting delight.

Pina of Quilt Delight

The Drunkard’s Path Block Adventure: Imagine a cosy afternoon, a hot cup of tea, and the thrill of transforming orphan blocks into a fashion statement. My recent coat makeover, sparked by a spare drunkard’s path block, has me bursting with excitement to share the fun with you.

Why Curved Piecing? Now, why do I have an affection for curved piecing? Well, it’s my secret ingredient for injecting joy into an adventurous quilting life. Curves add that whimsical touch, a softness with an interesting flow of movement, turning scraps and orphan blocks into treasures that light up your wardrobe and, dare I say, your soul.

Quick Tips for Curved Piecing:

  1. Choosing the Right Fabrics:
    • Raid your scrap stash for fabrics that dance harmoniously together, much like a lively party. Think flexibility and forgiveness—qualities of a good friend. Choose subtle colours for a harmonious dance or go bold with contrasting solids for a quilt that steals the show.

2. Aligning the Curves:

    • Align those curves like London’s iconic double-decker buses—steady and perfectly in sync. Your quilt will thank you. Find the centre of the curve by folding each fabric without distortion.
step 4

3. Mastering the Pinning Technique:

    • Pin strategically, like planning the perfect British tea party. Starting at the centre and ends of the seam, your curves will be a piece of cake. Snip into the curve within the seam allowance for easier manipulation.
step 5

4. Adjusting Stitch Length and Speed:

    • Think of stitch length as the perfect brew. Adjust it for a smooth finish around curves. Choose a shorter stitch length, slow down your machine, and lift the presser foot to pivot gracefully—sew those curves like a ballroom dance!
step 6

5. Pressing Matters:

    • A touch of spray starch and careful pressing will keep your curves in shape. Watch puckers and folds vanish like a magician’s hat trick.
step 5

6. Final Touches:

    • Trim and square up your block. Neatness counts, my lovelies.
drunkards path block

Overcoming Common Challenges: Navigating curved piecing might seem as tricky as the streets of London but fear not! Puckering and misalignment are mere speed bumps on this joyous quilting journey.

Sneak Peak – DIY Coat Makeover: Feast your eyes on my recent coat makeover—a quilted marvel born from a sample block. It’s a testament to the joy of using up scraps and orphan blocks, creating a wardrobe as vibrant as a summer garden.

quilt coat

I hope this whirlwind tour of curved piecing resonates in your quilting heart. Embrace the challenge, revel in the creativity, and join my newsletter for more tips, tricks, and updates right here: www.quiltdelights.com

P.S. It’s the only place you can grab my free Colour Solutions guide!


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