Cool Creations with Art Gallery Fabrics

October 1, 2019


Here are the winners of my Art Gallery Fabric Competition.  I am SO excited to share the 4 makers that were selected to make something unique with their Art Gallery Fabrics.

Here are the makers, what they made, and what fabric they used:

NUNCIA FABRICS by Art Gallery Fabrics

1. Wendy of The Weekend Quilter | @the.weekendquilter – ‘Lioness Quilt’ (FREE PATTERN here)
2. Mara Harty of The Quilt In Progress | @quiltinprogress – Makeup bags and makeup brush holders.

SELVA FABRICS by Art Gallery Fabrics

1. Kaylee of 31 Rubies Quilt Studio| @31rubiesquiltstudio – Picture Frames Quilt and matching pillow.
2. Jess of Coral Bunny and Lo | @coralbunnyandlo – Aprons.

Let’s take a closer look at each person’s creations!

Wendy of The Weekend Quilter

theweekendquilter_Lioness 8

I LOVE this fabric used in the new ‘Lioness’ pattern that Wendy designed.  She definitely had Nuncia fabric in mind while creating it.  The contrast of the black background fabric with the bright colors is stunning.  If you look at the photo below that Wendy took of the Nuncia fabric before she cut into it, you can see some of the stunning pieces in this line.  I love the black and white checks and prints, along with the aquas and yellows.  Well done, Wendy.  I absolutely love your quilt and use of fabric.  ??

theweekendquilter_Lioness 1


Mara Harty of The Quilt In Progress


WOW and wow!  This kind of making is totally different from quilting, and totally beyond my capabilities.  I LOVE these makeup and brush bags that Mara made.  I can’t think of a better (and more beautiful) way to store my makeup.  Notice all the details of the zipper, the little toggles (is that even what you call them?) at the end of each zipper, the ties and string, the sewn lines between each makeup brush.  I also love how she mixed each fabric from the Nuncia line.  Mara definitely has a good eye!

Kaylee of 31 Rubies Quilt Studio

31 Rubie1

I LOVE how this pattern shows off the cute details of the Selva Fabric.  You can see the jungle animals and feel the inner child.  And the pillow she made to go with it?  That fringe is everything, I just need to convince Kaylee to make one for me now! 😉  I also love if you zoom in, you can see her squiggly line quilting.  Everything about this quilt and pillow is playful, fun, and makes me so happy!

Jess of Coral Bunny and Lo


Can you even?  These aprons are amazing, and make me want to go to the kitchen and bake some cookies.  I LOVE the details of the ruffles, buttons, neckline that is adjustable.  And with these fabrics?  I LOVE the fun and creativity in the mixture.  Well done, Jess!  These are just stunning!

So what do you think?  Aren’t these makers amazing?  Which of these fabrics would you want to sew with?




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