coaching call with Erin Grogan

July 2, 2021

Coaching Call with Erin Grogan

Coaching call with Erin Grogan

Join in a coaching call with quilt pattern designer Erin Grogan. Erin reached out to Elizabeth for a coaching call when she wasn’t sure why her business wasn’t growing. She had taken many steps to help her business grow and was frustrated that she wasn’t seeing her hard work pay off. 

Erin was first introduced to the quilting world through garment sewing—she discovered quilt coats and fell in love with the quilting process. From this new-found passion Erin built her business, Love Sew Modern, and hopes to be the go-to resource for modern quilt patterns. Erin’s motto is design, inspire, teach, and she is ready to take her business to the next level. 

In their coaching call Erin and Elizabeth discuss:

  • Narrowing the focus of your business
  • Building the business of your dreams
  • Blogging success
  • Growing exposure
  • Converting followers into sales

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Cozy Color Quilts,

So Encouraging

Your podcast is so encouraging. When I first heard you say, “There’s room for everyone,” I was doubtful. And there are still days that doubt discourages me. However, your encouraging words and cheerleading heart speak volumes and remind me often, yes, I can do this, too!

Cozy Color Quilts


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