Starting A Creative Business with Emily of Homemade Emily Jane

January 7, 2022

Starting a Creative Business with Emily of Homemade Emily Jane

Starting a Creative Business with Emily of Homemade Emily Jane

Have you recently started a business? Maybe you have been considering fulfilling that dream? On this week’s episode- Starting a Creative Business with Emily of Homemade Emily Jane, learn specific ways that Emily has  tailored her business to grow. Emily is a quilter, pattern designer and online quilt teacher. She started quilting as a hobby and after attending QuiltCon, realized that she had a desire to make her hobby into a business! Hear her experience, tip and things she has learned along the way. Listen in and find your inspiration! 

  • Emily talks about how she is grown in different areas where she connects with her audience…including Pinterest and YouTube 
  • How you can gain some income fromYouTube ads. The longer that your videos are out there, the more money you earn, over time. 
  • Talks about growing her email list and building her YouTube videos. She also covers the difference between YouTube and Instagram in relation to growth. Where will you really get your “bread and butter”?
  • Emily has grown her audience on YouTube through Reels…find out how!
  • She shares which pattern of hers has been most successful and why.
  • Her experience in discovering what she loves and being willing and ready to pivot. 
  • She shares an experience of when she has felt vulnerable or scared. How she has moved forward… learning, growing and putting herself out there. Do it scared! 
  • Emily shares her advice for new entrepreneurs! 

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Throw Size Paradigm quilt
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