Making Goals for Your Business with Brittni Schroeder

December 31, 2021

Making Goals for your Business with Brittni Schroeder

Making Goals For Your Business with Brittni Schroeder

Goal setting- are you ready to make some changes and get serious about improving your life or business? Find out how in this episode: Making Goals for your Business with Brittni Schroeder. Guest Brittni Schroeder is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and an absolute wealth of knowledge and organization. She speaks to us about how growth mindset and goal setting is huge for success. Whether you wish to improve and become better organized in your personal life or your business, this episode will sure to help inspire you to reach your potential.  Be sure to tune in to hear Brittni’s tips and advice on how to set, follow through and achieve your goals! 

In this episode, Brittni shares:

  • How to track your yearly goals. Tips to make sure you have visual reminders of your goals. She talks about the Law of Attraction and how this applies to goal setting. 
  • You can’t think yourself to a million dollars! How to create action goals, having the tools and plans to reach your goals.
  • How do you handle it when you don’t meet your goals for the day, the week, or the month? It’s about progression- not perfection. 
  • Setting goals that make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Consistently pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is what will bring growth and progression.
  • Seeing value in yourself and what you have to offer…having a money mindset. How making money allows you to do good- allows you freedom to help people in ways you wouldn’t have been able to without your money mindset and goal achievement. 
  • How often should you set and review your goals? Setting daily goals is a game changer! Brittni speaks about how getting in the habit every day to plan out the following day, the night before, makes all the difference. Planning out your days to align with your yearly goal. 
  • Teaches why setting 3 main realistic daily goals and accomplishing those before moving to you “To Do” list is important. We tend to pick things that are comfortable to us. Pick things that will really push the needle in your business!
  • Everything is learnable – even things that don’t come naturally. Changing your mindset from “I can’t do that” or “I don’t know how” to positive mindset of  “I am smart enough. I can figure this out!”.
  • Embracing our failures! Be consistent, show up and keep doing and moving forward- even when you fail. 
  • Shares her tips on what to do when you lack motivation and need a little kick in the pants!

Show Notes

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Brittni’s FREEBIE goal setting worksheet! Find it here:



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