All About Binding Boards

November 2, 2020

Make Quilt Binding Quickly and Easily

Introducing Binding Boards – The Quilt Binding Tool Every Quilter Needs

Binding Boards

The quickest and easiest way to make your Quilt Bindings

Let me introduce you to Nicole Christoffersen, who is sharing all about Binding Boards.  In fact, Nicole is the creator behind these boards.  When I saw them, I knew I needed to get one and share about it with y’all.  Nicole, take it away!


Thanks, Elizabeth, for inviting me to share on your blog today! I love Elizabeth’s quilting style and have loved watching her creations come to life on her blog and IG feed. It’s an honor to be a guest here.

The Story Of Binding Boards

Learn to quickly make quilt bindings with the Binding Board

Binding Boards have been a long time in the making. I shared my method of pressing my binding on IG a couple years ago and have never gotten so many messages.
Several of my sweet quilting friends encouraged me for years to create Binding Boards for all quilters.  But there were a few hurdles: patents, pins, etc. I finally jumped the hurdles, and now Binding Boards are here!
Over 15 years ago, I started using the Binding Board method on my ironing board. It was always scorching my ironing board cover and making it look dirty. One time I ironed binding for four quilts in a row and burned a hole right through my ironing board cover! Oops.
After that, I decided to make a tiny board that I could scorch and then hide as soon as I was done pressing my binding.
There have been a few revisions. Heavy duty canvas was a great addition because it’s harder to scorch. By far, the best addition was reflective heat material. It doubles the heat of the iron! All of the sudden, I could pull my binding through twice as fast and still have a crisp, flat crease. This material combination has stood the test of time. I’ve been using the same Binding Board for the last 7 years!

Benefits of Binding Boards

  • A fun benefit of the Binding Board is that it doubles as a small, portable pressing station.
  • The increased temperature from the reflective heat material helps to create amazingly flat seams like a wool mat does. Unlike a wool mat, though, there’s no wet dog smell or steam moisture seeping through to damage your furniture below.
  • And of course, you can finish making a quilt binding in WAY less time than normal.

How Do You Use A Binding Board

To use a Binding Board, first press about a 10-12” section of the binding in half. Place this pressed section on the Binding Board and insert the included push pins on both sides of the fabric.  The pins should be far enough apart to set your iron between them.  This creates an opening that’s exactly the width of the finished binding.

Then place your iron in the opening you left for it and gently pull the binding through. Using your left hand to guide the fabric strip in half can help to make sure you’re getting a double fold binding (standard quilt binding), rather than a single fold binding. Continue pulling the binding through until you’ve reached the end. Tada! Pressed binding in a fraction of the time.

Binding Board In Action

Binding Board Love

I have been thrilled with the feedback I’ve received about the time quilters are saving using their Binding Boards. It has been such a bright spot in my life! When I started this journey I figured I’d sell around 50 Binding Boards. In less than a few months, I’ve sold and handmade 4 times that many… and counting.

Where Can You Get A Binding Board

If you don’t have a Binding Board yet, head on over to and click on Shop to order one. Or, make sure to let someone know you’d love one to be under your tree, on Christmas morning. 🙂
Thanks again, to the ever talented Elizabeth for having me today! I’m looking forward to getting to know so many more of you and having the privilege to be part of your quilting journey.
Nicole Christoffersen
IG: @kwilter100



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