Business Success (and getting a patent for a product!) with Jenae Alves

October 7, 2022

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This week’s episode, Business Success (and getting a patent for a product!) with Jenae Alves, is sure to bring inspiration! Jenae owns a successful longarm quilting business: Vintage Stitch. Through her hard work and dedication she has built her business to just what she wanted it to be, and she feels you can too! Hear her story, how she patented a product and just how she has become successful as she has set goals and organized her time. 

Business Success (and getting a patent for a product!) with Jenae Alves

What does Jenae share on this podcast?

  • What exactly lead her to even think of a business in quilting? How did she start? 
  • Once she had started longarm quilting for others, she found that she wanted to offer an additional service to her customers. She had an idea for a smaller sized ruler that would aid her in attaching quilt binding while on the longarm.
  • How she patented her binding ruler. Learn what the process is like and her journey in creating, patenting and producing her ruler. 
  • She had no idea how to manufacture or patent her product. How she figured out how to accomplish this on her own. Sometimes you aren’t going to know how to do something…you just have to get in there and do it!
  • Not only is Jenae a longarm business owner, she and her husband also own and run a family tire business full time. How does she do both? 
  • Goal setting! She would manifest her goals and dreams by writing them down. She would write down her goals everyday to keep her focused and to do something with them! She says by doing this, your brain will find ways to make it happen!
  • What has helped her have success with Instagram and how has this helped her business? What she has felt is important to share and what she did to meet her goals for followers, content and growth. 
  • Burn out- what Jenae has done to deal with this. Why, when you show up and offer value, it is okay to step away for a short time for a break. Your creativity requires it. 
  • Marketing her product! what she plans to do to sell her rulers.

Show Notes - Where can you find out more?

Click HERE to buy her Quilt Binding Ruler!

Find out more about her services on the Vintage Stitch Website 

Follow Vintage Stitch on Instagram 


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