My Favorite Things About Using a Baby Lock Crescendo

August 25, 2022

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I’ve used the Baby Lock Crescendo for a few different projects now and I’ve loved learning about some of the features that make this machine great for piecing and quilting. I am excited to share my favorite things about using a Baby Lock Crescendo with you. 

Baby Lock Crescendo

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Here are my top 10 favorite features – in no particular order!

1- Sews So Smooth

When Elizebeth first started telling me about her Baby Lock Crescendo, she mentioned that “it sewed as smooth as butter”.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  But now that I’ve used it for a few projects, I have to agree.  This machine sews so smoothly. The needle moves easily up and down.  The fabric glides across the sewing area.  Everything just seems to work together seamlessly and smoothly. I love it!

2- Large Throat Space

The Crescendo has an amazingly large throat space – 11 inches to the right of the needle.  This is perfect for quilting big quilts.  I’ve used the Crescendo to quilt three good sized quilts so far and the large throat space makes it so much easier to maneuver the quilts as I’m quilting.  The biggest quilt I’ve quilted using the Crescendo was 98” x 80” and I didn’t have any problems fitting the bulk of the quilt through the throat space as I quilted.

throat space

3- Low Bobbin Warning

When the machine senses that the thread in the bobbin is running low, a warning will pop up on the screen.  This gives you a chance to refill/replace the bobbin before the thread is completely gone. No more sewing with an empty bobbin!

4- Screen Lock Feature

This is a feature that I love! The Baby Lock Crescendo has an LCD touch-screen that you use to configure all your settings.  I love that it has a “lock” feature that will prevent settings from being inadvertently changed. This is particularly helpful when quilting large quilts.  Even with the large throat space, it’s easy to bump the screen when moving your quilt around.  If the screen is locked – your settings won’t get changed by an accidental touch. 

5- Great Lighting

I love all the light the Baby Lock Crescendo provides around the needle and sewing area.  No extra light is needed to be able to properly see your projects without straining your eyes.

6- Large Extension Table

I like the large extension table on the Crescendo for a couple different reasons.  First, it is amazing when quilting. The extension table has a large surface area that helps support some of the weight of the quilt, making it easier to manage large quilts when quilting. 

Second, it provides a bit of work area to set out fabric pieces when piecing a quilt.  In fact, it’s perfect for chain-piecing smaller pieces of fabric.

7- Quiet

The Crescendo sews quieter than any machine I’ve sewn on.  I didn’t even think the other machines I’ve used were loud until I used the Baby Lock Crescendo.

8- Laser (Guideline Marker)

The Baby Lock Crescendo has a laser – Baby Lock calls it a “guideline marker”.  The laser is a super useful tool for both piecing and quilting.  You can set the laser line to your preferred seam allowance then line your fabric up with the laser line.  The laser line can be adjusted to your preference, making it easy to sew a ¼’ seam, a scant ¼’ seam or whatever seam allowance you need for a specific project.  

It’s also great for quilting.  Again you can adjust the laser depending on your quilting plan.  If you want to “stitch in the ditch” of your seams, line the laser up with the needle.  If you want to quilt a set distance around blocks or from seam lines, just set the laser at the spot you choose and line up the seams with the laser line. 


9- Automatic Needle Threading

No more squinting to thread your needle!  There’s a button for that! Once you have threaded the thread through the machine, the last step is to push the “Automatic Threading” button and the machine threads the needle for you! So amazing!

10- Bobbin Winding With the Extra Spool Pin

No need to unthread your needle and machine to wind a bobbin!  The Baby Lock Crescendo has an extra spool pin that is used to wind bobbins.  This makes it easy to get back to sewing quickly!

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