Quilting on the Baby Lock Crescendo

July 21, 2022

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I was so excited to let my friend, Jamie, use my Baby Lock Crescendo.  I love the machine, and I wanted others to test it out and see what they thought.

Jamie, my friend, used the machine while working on a few projects. In her words: It sews like a dream!

Today, I’m sharing how she used the Baby Lock Crescendo FOR QUILTING.

She quilted the Mystic Path Quilt (pattern by Rose Petal Quilt Shop) with the Crescendo to machine.

Here are some of the features she liked best about the Crescendo for quilting, in her own words.

Large Throat Space

The Mystic Path Quilt is a pretty good size quilt.  It finishes at 75” x 75”. I had absolutely no trouble quilting this on the Crescendo because of the large throat space.  There are 11 inches to the right of the needle providing plenty of room to maneuver the quilt as I was quilting. 

Ruler showing throat space on Baby Lock Crescendo

I chose to quilt a 3-inch grid set on the diagonal. There was quite a bit of quilt to fit through the throat space (especially in the middle of the quilt) – but I had absolutely no issues.  I feel like I could have quilted an even larger quilt just as easily.

Duel Feed Foot

The dual feed foot on the Crescendo worked like a charm to move all the layers of the quilt through the machine.  I did not have any issues with the quilt top or backing not feeding through evenly.  This means my finished quilt is free from puckers! Yay! The combination of the large throat space and the dual feed foot made quilting a breeze.  I was able to complete all of the quilting in about 4 hours – and I was going at a slow to moderate speed.

Large Extension Table

I love the large extension table that Elizabeth has on her Crescendo.  It’s perfect to help support the weight of the quilt while also providing a smooth surface for the quilt to move across. 

Lock Screen Feature

This may not come to mind at first when thinking of amazing features.  But I love it! I can get all my settings set how I want them and lock the screen so I don’t accidentally change something while I’m quilting.  

With a large quilt, it’s easy to brush against the screen while quilting – providing the opportunity to inadvertently change something. Yep, that happened. I accidentally changed the stitch length while quilting Mystic Path before I figured out the lock screen feature.  So there is a small section with smaller stitches.  Oh well!

Baby Lock Screen

3 More Tips for Quilting on the Crescendo

  1. Start in the middle of your quilt and work out towards the edges.  Check to ensure the quilt top and quilt back are smooth as you quilt. 
  2. Always pull the bobbin thread to the top when starting a new section of quilting.  This will prevent tangling (or nesting) of threads on the back of your quilt.
  3. I used a stitch length of 3.0.  I found this to be the perfect length for me.  The stitches weren’t too tiny or too large. 

With all of these features, the Baby Lock Crescendo is an amazing machine for quilting your finished quilt tops!  Look at how beautiful my Mystic Path Quilt turned out!

Finished Quilt

Thank you Jamie, for testing out the Crescendo. I love the machine, but now you can see I’m not the only one!

This machine has all the bells and whistles. Take a look at Baby Lock’s machines HERE to find your perfect sewing machine.


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