How to Run Your Business Better with Stacy Tuschl

February 3, 2023

How to Run your Business Better with Stacy Tuschl

In this week’s episode, I interview Stacy Tuschl, who shares with us about How To Run Your Business Better. 

Stacy Tuschl started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents’ backyard and turned that company into a multi-million dollar business she still runs today.  Stacy is a bestselling author, and founder of Well Oiled Operations – helping small business owners around the world create systems that facilitate growth by promoting team accountability and eliminating the common challenge of the CEO’s time and energy limitations becoming the bottleneck in scaling the business. The top rated Well Oiled Operations podcast now has almost 2 million downloads where she’s interviewed guests like Suze Orman.  Stacy was named the 2019 Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration.

How to Run Your Business Better with Stacy Tuschl

It was a pleasure to have Stacy on the podcast. She is a smart, hard working, rock star who has so much to share! In this podcast we discuss the following:

  • Stacy shares about how she helps businesses who are growing a team and help those businesses to run like a well-oiled machine. 
  • Years ago, Stacy hired someone who she said was not inexpensive, but completely worth it. She shares how she found this person as well as how she knew she could trust this person would be beneficial enough to invest her money in this person. 
  • The person she hired at the time specialized in dance and music schools, which was very specific to her need. She learned from him at conferenced for 8-9 years and joined his Mastermind. She kept trusting him and herself to gain knowledge and be capable of seeing results. The money she invested was worth it as he tool her to seven figures. 
  • Stacy is in Russell Brunson’s Mastermind/Inner Circle…how she got there. She shares about Click Funnels and how bringing her husband to Funnel Hacking Live became a game changer. How when you can go to the next level with a mentor things can massively improve in your business. 
  • She shares how she finds her first online coach. We talk about how investing in education moves the needle-if you take action. You have got to do and test what they tell you to try.
  • Stacy shares what the biggest struggles that she sees with the business owners that she works with. 
  • Why do you only see 2-3 things she offers when you go to her website? She offers much more, but she explains why…
  • We talk about the importance of mindset. Mindset matters, but so does skillset and strategy. 
  • What is the correlation between nutrition and exercise and business success? Stacy explains…
  • She talks about her book- what it is, who it is for and what her purposes are. Her book is Well-Oiled Operations   

Show Notes

Where can you find more? 

Read more about her on her website 

Find her book, Well-Oiled Operations here.

Listen to Stacy’s podcast Well- Oiled Operations with Stacy Tuschl 

For nutrition and other things mentioned in the podcast, follow her on Instagram


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[Music] welcome to the craft to Career podcast with Elizabeth Chappell or every week we
dive into how you can turn your craft into a successful career get ready to have the career you’ve always dreamed of
[Music] welcome to episode 94 of the craft a career podcast I am Elizabeth Chappell
the host of the show this week I have someone who I’m really excited to
introduce you to this is someone who I have been watching from afar not in a creepy way but like I really admire her
business and wanted to buy her product and be in her atmosphere
but I wasn’t quite ready for it my business wasn’t quite at a place until
last year and I was so excited that I could use you know her teachings that my
business was at a place where I could actually hire her and benefit from that so I’m in The Mastermind this year with
Stacy tushel I had her program before that well-oiled operations she really
helps business owners who are growing a team hiring at a place where you need to
get some systems in place to really help your business run like a well-oiled machine so she’s very very good at what
she does she actually has two businesses one is a ballet music
dance studio and the other is her online you know what I’ve participated in the
online education both are seven figure very successful so she has experience
with both like a brick and mortar store and online and then she tutors and
mentors many many successful business owners so she’s the real deal she has a
book that just came out uh that’s that we talk about a little bit I just purchased and it’s awesome so you can go
check out her new book so she’s from Wisconsin which is fun for me since I grew up in Minnesota it feels like she’s
my neighbor and yeah she’s just a very down-to-earth hard-working smart person that I’m
thrilled to have on the podcast before I introduce you to Stacy I want to invite
you to leave a review for the podcast I don’t do ads on my show I try to just
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and now let me introduce you to Stacy tushel foreign
Stacy thank you so much for being on the podcast I don’t normally get nervous and I’m like fangirling a bit you’re my
mentor I’m in your Mastermind I really admire you so what I have you here is really an honor thank you thank you I’m
excited to chat this is going to be so much fun yeah so okay I’ve got some questions for you and I’m glad you said
you’re an open book because I love to ask all the things so okay at some point you had mentioned that you years ago
hired someone I remember you saying it was a lot of money and I remember that
because you were like but it’s been so worth it so a couple of questions how did you find this person how did you
know you could trust to invest your money in this person yeah oh that’s such a good question so this was back in 2005
and I actually got a postcard in the mail from a complete stranger right like I didn’t know this person I had there
was no credibility here it was just you know this was pre-facebook so it was truly a Facebook ad today but in my
mailbox and I just remember you know saying things like you know are you
working all the time but probably not making that much money or are you stressed out from business all the things that I 100 was experiencing and
it was just hitting the right pain points and promising the right things and for me
I think I definitely am one of those people that can be a little skeptical of I don’t know about this but it was worth
me checking into right he had a great funnel set up once I started to kind of go down that rabbit hole there were
testimonials and I was watching other people make a lot of money and and actually run this business and not be so
crazy stressed and I remember at the time going to my mom and saying is this crazy his conference
is a thousand dollars I would have to fly to New York City I live in Wisconsin
um should I do this is this dumb he had an irresistible money back guarantee it
was if you do not like this event after day one come to like the table and tell
my team and we will refund you in full your ticket and pay for your flight that
you paid for back home like we’ll just reimburse you you can decide then if it’s worth it or not so to me I kept
thinking well if it’s really horrible I’m just gonna cancel on day one right yeah but he knew what he was doing day
one was so good I couldn’t even fathom not coming back today too and I think
little by little he earned by trust it was like he had enough credibility for me to just take that postcard and go to
the website and then the website had enough testimonials to get me to go hmm I think I need to go to this conference
right and it was just like every Next Step really gave me more confidence that
I think this could work interesting so what is his name is he still out and about yeah
um I assume he’s still doing stuff I mean this was so long ago his name is Sam Beckford he specializes in actual
dance and music schools so it was very specific to what I was doing and I
learned from him for I think the for I think I went eight or nine years in a row to that same conference and I was
part of like his Mastermind and his group coaching so after the conference was done which first it was already a
thousand plus the airfare and all the other things and I wasn’t really doing well financially so it was a big deal to
pay for that and then when we were there this was again you know 15 plus years ago he was like I had this Mastermind
group coaching program and it’s 189 per month and I remember thinking where am I
going to find 189 like like that was hot where I really was yeah and I didn’t
care like it was just like I’ll figure it out later this is too good this can make me way more than 189 and I just I
kept trusting and not just trusting him but trusting me that I was going to be
capable of getting this information implementing it seeing results so what’s
funny is within like a year I was paying that guy a thousand bucks a month because I’m like oh no if this is what
I’m learning in this level take me to the top like I want to go up there and I just kept rinsing and repeating and
consuming his stuff and implementing and I mean it took me to seven figures so it was well worth the investment that is so
exciting okay and then I have to fast forward my listeners know I’m a Russell Brunson fan Russell Brunson has no idea
who I am yet but you’re in his I want to say Inner Circle Mastermind I don’t know how did
you get there so what’s funny with Russell is I had a
I’m you’ll see a common theme of when somebody tells me to do something I do it so my first Mentor in the online
space um he said you know what you got to get the software it’s called click funnels go sign up and when you sign up I’m
gonna share my funnels with you and then we’re gonna build yours and it’ll just be much easier so I was like okay so I bought click funnels and I’ve been using
it since 2015. and then but really never buying Russell’s stuff like I was just
in the clickfunnels world and then in 2020 January of 2020 my husband actually
had just retired from the police academy or the not the police academy the police force he was on the SWAT team there and
I thought okay if he’s going to come into this business I want him to understand what this world is because
this this online world is a whole different ball game than the damn world so I was like who can I go to their
conference and have my husband drink the Kool-Aid right and I didn’t really want him learning from I didn’t want him
going and watching a woman on stage like right that is not like I wanted him to see like a guy doing this and just
really doing it well so I took Kent my husband to click like funnel hacking Live January of 2020.
and he literally said to me this is what you’re doing like like he didn’t even I was already five years and until he saw
what people on stage and different ways people were doing it I don’t think he fully grasped like what I had taken on
and what I had started doing right so that was a big game changer but what’s funny is I brought Kent there for for
Kent but I ended up leaving buying one of his programs like it was like I had finally drank the Kool-Aid I was more
than just a click funnels user now I was like okay I’m interested in what Russell has to say so from there I he didn’t
even have a mastermind at that time oh I bought his coaching program he took a little break um while his kids were in high school
doing some wrestling stuff so I just bought a group coaching program and then from there he opened up Inner Circle and
then I joined that group but it’s just funny how you know I didn’t even do this for me I
was like oh I’m fine I know click funnels right but sometimes when you can just like go to the next level with that
mentor things can massively unlock and has that brought you to the next level absolutely
I think I think I always say to my husband when I’m talking about these crazy Investments I’ve never not gotten
my money back and anything I’ve ever bought anything ever I mean come on there’s got to be a bad purchase
in coaching programs like that kind of stuff never okay okay and here’s why so yes I’ve made bad Investments on certain
things I bought a program always haven’t made my money back and it’s because it’s
my responsibility to do it so I bought some not great coaching programs before like it has happened right I they’ve
we’re good at marketing really bad on that side they’re in the inside but I’ve also learned okay how am I gonna take
this hot mess of customer delivery and learn how I will never do this ever in my business right yeah even in like a
program that’s not great or something I find the opportunity so the reason I
found my first private coach in the online space is I went to a conference in California and it was horrible like
literally horrible and the speaker had like really never spoken before but he had some credibility which is why I
booked it and it was just like they were they were falling apart and in the one of the present Temptations they shouted
out this guy in the audience that was crushing it with webinars or something and I was like so I like I’m literally
in my seats Googling the sky going through his funnel like all the things and he was blowing my mind
so after you know break lunch something happens I just walk up to the guy I’m like hey
I heard them talk about you checked you out online I see you do private coaching can we talk and he’s like what are you
doing for lunch like let’s go to lunch and I literally hired this guy while I was there now at this time this was 2016
Maybe at lunch she’s like okay I only work with people on a private basis it’s six
months it’s 3 000 a month I remember thinking holy cow 3 000 a
month like that to me was so insane I think at the time I had never spent more than like a thousand or fifteen hundred
so to go to 3 000 with a guy I met on Instagram five minutes ago right it was
very scary but again it’s like I had done my research I had checked his stuff out I had heard him speak and I could
just tell he knows what he’s talking about so at that conference I got nothing out of the conference but I got
my first private coach in this space who took me to 100K so it’s like I don’t know how much I
spent on the conference but I can tell you by the decision I made in that room I got my money back absolutely being in
the room with somebody is invaluable which when I looked at your Mastermind seeing the Retreats you have and Amy
Porterfield I get the chance to be in the room with her I was like yeah but there is no price like I’m in I’m in them in and I also like I have invested
in my education and I hands down like it moves the needle it just does
and it here’s the deal gotta be good at action taking because people that have been in all those programs with me not
all of them got a return but they also didn’t do half the stuff that the mentor said and to me if I’m gonna pay that
kind of money and learn from somebody who’s more successful than me I’m going to test what they’re telling me to try
I will say the one thing that I keep dragging my feet on this is like confession time is the time sheet I have
to do it but I anyhow that’s my next thing is the time accountability so I’m
hearing you say this I’m like yes Elizabeth just do the thing you’ll be happy when you do it I will I will I
just know that like I look at what a busy worker you are and I know your schedule is intense and that is so much
for me that I feel guilt like I know I don’t work as much as Stacy does but that doesn’t matter you know and here’s
the thing it’s not about quantity it’s about quality right so when I’m
putting in a workday I just want to make sure that I’m getting something out of it right but I’m really I’m not working
more than eight hour days okay I’m just really smart in the way that I’m working and I know you get a
massage every Monday every Tuesday every Tuesday okay I do I mean that’s part of my work day I literally leave my work
day for an hour and a half to get a massage see that kind of work I can sign up for and it’s necessary like this from
sitting hunched over with this podcast Mike you know on my computer all day if I don’t get that I am so uncomfortable
and just even like sitting here is hard so I’ve really learned like that is a crucial part of what I need to do every
week yes well okay so our lit my listeners a lot of them are
entrepreneurs who are more at the beginning stage of their business you work I mean that’s like your bread and
butter you help people run a Better Business be more efficient a well-oiled machine can you tell me with the
business owners that you see are their struggles that you see consistently like this is just a thing that people really
struggle with yeah I think the biggest thing I see especially in the beginning is that they
really believe more is going to solve their problems they have too many of
everything too many products right too many too many ideas too many unfinished
ideas right or somebody will say well no I finished that but it just wasn’t that great so then I did the next thing I’m
like but listen if you would have finished it and then did it again and made it better
you would have sold more right so our main program well oiled operations
we launched it 2022 in January and it really like I
knew it was going to be big but month one there was like maybe 10 people that bought it 10 people okay
that is not like a number I was shooting for I was thinking people are gonna flock to this offer and they didn’t and
I could have easily said oh maybe they don’t want it right but I was like no no they need it I’ve
got to figure out how to sell this thing so I just kept tweaking and trying and it’s like someone so we get better and
then someone said wouldn’t be that great I’m like no no I know this can sell and we literally turned that into a million dollar product in 12 months only because
I was not willing to say this isn’t gonna work I knew it was gonna work absolutely okay this I love this because
I I coach people and they’ll say well this one hasn’t worked so I’m going to try this and I just want to tell
everyone it doesn’t matter what the product is you can sell anything it just I mean I say that you know you got to be
smart and all that but like it’s usually not whatever they’re trying to sell is a great idea it’s just and jumping to the
next thing will not solve it because they haven’t figured out you know and here’s the thing it’s like when you
first sell it it’s never gonna be usually as big as you want it to be right it’s usually like putting it out
and there’s this whole like understanding the market and what you’re missing and how you can redo it so when
I launched something new I’m gonna give myself like two months of working on it daily to see how I can fix this thing
and even two months in if it’s not going as well as I wanted if I have proof that it’s selling I just not selling as much
as I want it’s not a product problem it’s like a sales and marketing problem and people don’t stick around long
enough to get their hands dirty and fix it they think let’s just do something new but if you’re always going to experience
the hard part in the beginning doing something new is literally just delaying your results even more
I love it and okay I’m very intrigued because
well okay for one I found you through Karina Gardner and we’ve talked she was on the podcast before and she was like I
have a few things that I offer but it’s not totally out there for the public you kind of have to know me and then
I feel like it might be the same for you I feel like you offer all these things but if someone goes to your website
they’re not gonna see a list of like you can get this this this is that intentional speak to me about that yeah
so you really are going to see two to three things Max in the website and it’s really because I don’t want to confuse
you right if I give you a lot of things to offer you’re going to be spending your time thinking which one should I
buy I want you to see one thing that is for you and it’s a yes or no
it’s just so much easier so even when I say I have two to three things we really talk about them
like there’s only you’re either a yes or a no of like you qualify so really you should look at some of the website and
go well this is the only product she could sell me because it sounds like that one’s not even for me so it’s still
getting you to decide yes or no versus which one because if you have to decide which one and then decide is it a yes or
no we know how this goes people just get stuck in their decisions right and
that’s why I always say like I love that when Amazon has bestseller just tell me which one like just tell me
which one everybody’s buying everybody loves because I’m just gonna buy that one like I want to be told what what to buy most of us do
so as well oiled operations is that your thing that’s like this is the thing yeah so that is our best seller 90 of
everything you’re ever gonna see is well oiled because even if somebody comes into well-oiled and we go oh wow they’re
really Advanced they need to be in the next program we can have that conversation when we get there
but very cool most of our people that come to us that is where they get started is well oiled
okay hmm that has me thinking I like that the wheels are turning so you also mentioned and I can sense it
with you the importance of mindset so you had a coaching call yesterday and you were talking about our next level
thing is this to get in the room you have to be able to and I can’t remember exactly but basically have a good
mindset you know not not that you’re not gonna have a bad day or get down but your ability to pick yourself up so can
you speak to that as far as a business owner yeah so I think there are some of us that are
naturally optimistic right but even those that are optimistic we
can have real bad days or we can go but I wanted a hundred and I only sold five and we can make that mean a lot of stuff
right and I do think that as time goes on the more you know
low sales days we have the the the more failures we experience the more we just
like understand this is just a part of it right but in the beginning of business people don’t necessarily get
that and sometimes they can really let the negative impact them and you can see
like if you’re ever on a coaching call and somebody’s just in a negative mindset I can’t say anything to get them
like strategy wise to get them out of their funk I have to literally dig in to
their mindset to figure out what is going on and sometimes they’re just not open to it right so one of the things
I’m looking at too is not just like Revenue level of business owner right but I’m actually looking when I get up
to my higher programs who’s going to be able to play big and fail big and not
make the whole group throw a pity party because they missed their million dollar Mark or whatever it is right so that
really truly is just a skill set that we will get better at the more we put ourselves out there the more we fail
um it’s not fun to have your hopes on one thing and then not hit it but I also
don’t mean that I’m a failure right or make it mean that I’m a failure when I don’t hit my annual goal
yep well and I love what you said earlier about the well-oiled operations let’s think about that again you open it
and sold 10. you could very easily like you said have just been like well that failed you know but I love that grit
added to whatever of like no this and I love that you talk about too what’s your top seller and you’ve said it doesn’t
have to be your top seller right now it needs to be what you want to be your top seller I just I like that it’s so funny
too um I share this story I can’t remember this might be one of my books but
I remember my friend and I were going into a launch at the same time and we were both shooting for 100k
and um I didn’t tell anybody but I was only at
like 20K and I was like devastated like I thought how could I have done this I spent like almost 20 grand in ads I was
literally breaking even and she was going through her launch and then at the end was like it’s really taking off and
it’s blah blah blah and all the things and then what I found out in our Mastermind meeting she said something like you know I was really devastated on
day one I only had brought in 20 000 and I wanted to give up but then I
remembered like I just got to get better at selling this so she ended up taking it to 100K that same week whereas I had
the thought of nobody wants this this sucks and I totally felt myself pulling back on selling so I ended like we
started the same way but her mindset got her to 100K and my mindset kept me at 20K
and once I heard that I was like okay I get it I get how this works now like you’re gonna have like the you know the
letdown of not the number you want right away when you announce the thing but if you can keep pushing through it that’s
when the good stuff comes and that was huge for me I love it and now for the listener who’s
gonna be like wait a minute but I have also heard you say mindset matters clearly it matters however I think
sometimes people get so zoned in on only mindset yeah that they forget there is
practical business skills that you need to have as well so can you speak to that yeah so with mindset specifically I go
off of Brooke Castillo from life coach school I go off of her model and in her model there’s there’s five steps
her fourth step is action well action comes from knowing what strategy to take
right so I can’t even have a good mindset if I don’t know what actions to
take or what’s available to me or like proven action right like I could do I
could think a thought that gives me a lot of confidence and makes me do a lot this week but if I don’t know what to do I could
also have a lot of zero results versus when I’m inspired to take action I have
that skill set to say okay well I’ve been taught this and I know this and I know the strategy works here so when I
go to take action I’m taking the right action so that’s why when people say oh I don’t know I think I’m gonna buy a
mindset program instead I’m like no no you need mindset with strategy because the mindset’s going to get you in this
amazing place but you have to know what to do with it once you get there oh amen well and I have in my own
business because mindset like you said gets you so far and some of my knowledge will get me so far but then I recognize
I don’t know what to do next and that’s when I go to your thing or I reach out to someone else who I know that they are
getting results past where I am and you kind of need someone who’s a few steps ahead of you to show you here’s what you
do and yeah well and that’s important is don’t take advice from somebody who isn’t further along than you right all
these people that I’ve trusted and bought their programs and hired them as a coach they were further along than me
so they could literally tell me oh don’t do that you just want to do this I’m like okay perfect so every time they could speed me up I think speed is the
name of the game really because the longer it takes you right your negative cash flowing and it’s like then your
mindset’s giving it even more desperate right you’re making bad decisions we’ve got to get positively cash flowing as
fast as possible so if somebody can help me get there faster even if it cost me a thousand or two thousand to work with
them right it just makes so much sense I could not agree more
and now pivoting a little bit I have noticed a lot of the people who I really admire and look up to in the business
world there there’s this weird correlation between they work out and they eat well
I don’t know so that’s one of those things I’m like I don’t know why I’m just gonna do it because everyone who I admire does it so what I don’t know the
correlation but you and I’ve heard you speak about like yes tell me why when
did you start caring about nutrition what’s the correlation there um so I think just I’m a big believer in
like I’m gonna watch what they’re doing and then I’m gonna emulate who I wanna be right so when I see somebody doing
something I’m like oh they must be doing that for a reason wait wait why right so I did I just remember always looking at
my mentors and thinking like wow they are working out they are eating healthy um a lot of them aren’t drinking like at
all they’re alcohol and they’re preaching about sleep and all of this stuff so that was huge right there I
definitely got like really sparked into it when I had my daughter and I read a book
um healthy child healthy worlds so then I not only saw what this book was saying
about what’s happening and I feel like I cared more about helping her than helping me because that’s just our
instincts right so it was like that book paired with watching my mentors going like oh okay I think I’m getting this
now and I always tell people if you are thinking oh Stacy gets so much done
but if you see like I just checked my aura ring and my sleep I’m averaging 8 hours and 45 minutes a night of sleep
most people assume I don’t sleep at all I’m like oh no like I knew you were sleeping I knew you had to be okay yeah
like no no I get the best quality sleep and
um if I’m eating good quality food all day like imagine my energy versus if I
wake up barely eat or have like a Diet Mountain Dew with some Cheetos I’m not gonna have the energy to keep going all
day or I’m gonna pour it into my business my kids are gonna come home at 3 30 and they’re not gonna get a good
mom right so or one that’s like actually happy and healthy they’re gonna get the tired
exhausted not a lot of time for them right so I always just tell people like
the few the food you eat truly is fueling the way you’re gonna show up so that really does impact me but I will
tell you when I look at a lot of my mentors it is hard to find some that are
unhealthy that are not caring about how they treat their body how they take care
of themselves and for me again it’s like success leaves Clues and when I see what they’re doing I’m like oh that’s what
I’m doing that’s right so I would love if you ever do you I
don’t even know do you offer any sort of like here’s my meal prep here’s I don’t know snack ideas yeah so I don’t but I
share a lot of it on Instagram so like yesterday I literally shared that I just bought
um so this is where I I just wanna always like get a little bit better so I’m pretty good at eating but where I
was not getting great at eating was lunch I would I just actually looked at the clock I’m like did I eat lunch yet I
did eat lunch um but I would not be good at lunch because I have like back-to-back appointments so I would run and grab a
shake right now there’s definitely worse things to eat for lunch than a protein shake but I’m like I would like to get
more real food in my day so I just hired or I bought um Factor 75 it’s like a
meal food prep service and now all of my lunches are delivered I heat them up in
the oven for seven minutes and now I have like an actual delicious good dinner or lunch okay okay I’m checking
that out there you go so little tip number one so for me I share more of like like the personal stuff right more
on Instagram and places like that where people can see like what am I doing for my workouts or like how am I eating or
what does this look like or anything that I go on a sauna every week and just like things like that for people to see
because I do believe okay performance is a huge part of my success
I do I mean everyone I see who’s successful literally I cannot name one
one I chatted with some friends and they’re like what about this one and I’m not gonna say their name but they’re like what about this person okay yeah
maybe but um yeah so that’s intriguing okay I like that a lot even if you can pick the one exception ninety percent of
my favorite people that I learn from are doing this so yeah there’s going to be an exception here and there but to me
when a majority are doing it I’m gonna do it and which is the downside like nothing you’re right healthier
you’re going to be happier more energy all the things so do you use caffeine at
all so I don’t um I have very high energy like people
yeah okay up on the energy so caffeine can actually be like a little crazy for me where I don’t I have started drinking
this like cold brew but it’s more for the taste than it is caffeine um I’m not a person that wakes up and like needs a
coffee like I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I was in my 30s and then I cut it out actually I did a detox and I
was getting headaches I was like why am I getting headaches and they’re like oh because you don’t have caffeine and your body is addicted to caffeine I was like
oh no I don’t want to be addicted to anything right I know I actually removed so when I do those cold Brews I do them
randomly because I don’t want to be addicted to anything mm-hmm so you’re do you don’t get tired during
the day like I mean all right I’ve gotta do something but like yeah I mean it’s two o’clock
and I feel like I’m still pretty high energy at the moment okay all right um remember though once you’re you have
the caffeine and you’re doing it your body is relying on it so it would take you you would have to really detox
get it out of your system and like retrain your body all right I’m motivated I’m gonna do it
I will say I am probably more rare in the caffeine like most people I know do
drink coffee like a lot of people I have heard Alex hermosi say do not take any stimulants including coffee so I don’t
believe he does um but I would just would not do more than one cup of caffeine a day like that
would be my hard rule if I had to make up a rule for myself yeah okay yeah all right goals goals goals yeah and okay I
did also want to touch on I just got your new book which I have gone through and read it all but even after the first
chapter or two I was like pause let’s just get this and then you even said if you just implement this right here your
business will be unrecognizable yes but can you talk to us about your book and what it’s about who it’s for and thank
you I saw your review I actually read them this morning and I saw your review so thank you so much so the book really
is just like everything I believe has helped us create a business that doesn’t
need me and I know in the beginning we kind of like it that it’s our thing it’s
our baby it does need us like we’re the brains but I’ve been doing this now for 20 years and at some point that’s a lot
of pressure to have the business that needs you to survive right and I really
wanted to show people how I was able to come up with like the plan hire the most
amazing team to actually do the plan how to put systems in place that I feel really good about what the team is doing
even if I’m not there or I’m not the one doing it but I know that it’s in alignment with our core values so I
really created this book to show people it’s not as hard as we’re making it now they’re if you
implemented that book it would take you a while like there’s a lot right between that book I could sell that book for
thousands not 10 or 15 bucks right but we already know most people won’t Implement my biggest competitors could
read that book and still not do it because the implementation is what is so dang hard for people right but I really
wanted to map it out for people I also wanted it to be totally transparent I
wanted you to be able to find something cheap for me to let me earn your trust
okay so you already were a client you already trusted me but somebody who’s like what is this and then buys it I
want them to be like oh my goodness this is amazing what else does she sell and that was really where I wanted I even
went on Amazon today and I changed the Kindle to like 99 Cents I’m like I’m not trying to make money off this book like
I want everybody to grab the book I want people to go oh I get it I need this I
want this right that was the whole idea so I’m only selling it right now on Amazon and it’s just called well oiled
operations highly recommend it and it’s so true the people who I invest a ton of money in
they’re people who I’ve got some low ticket thing and it’s been a game changer I’m like well if that can do
this then I need all the things you know like give it to me all right and that’s how I am like if I decide oh I’m gonna
listen to this new podcast I’m like three at four episodes in I will literally go buy the thing and people
will say like well listen to the 300 episodes first I’m like no because the podcast is just a little bit and the
other stuff is way better and I I want speed like I want to go faster so I don’t want to sit here and listen to the
free go give me like the meat like give me the good stuff absolutely so for our listeners who are
now like well where can I find you where can I find you yeah so my podcast is called well-oiled operations that is
also the book so you can find that on Amazon as well and then Instagram like where I was saying I share I share a ton
of business stuff but I do get way more personal there than any other platform um it’s just at Stacy tushel
awesome well thank you so much for being here it’s just been such a pleasure thank you Elizabeth so fun
thank you so much Stacy for being on the podcast what a pleasure I mean if you didn’t know before you can now tell what
of Rockstar Stacy is I mean she is a worker she is so smart and has so much
to share so I hope that you can go and check Stacy’s podcast out check out her
book and if you haven’t yet be sure to leave a review for the podcast and I will see you right here next Friday on
the crafty career podcast have a great week foreign


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