Embroidery Teacher Alexis Galloway

April 19, 2024

Embroidery Teacher Alexis Galloway

Join the coaching call with Alexis as we talk about how to add a new course to what she offers. Alexis has been a succssful business woman for years, but is ready to uplevel her business. Alexis teaches people how ot start a business as an embroiderer. She has studied business and applied many business skills already. This is a really fun call to hear what someone who has a successful business thinks about and does to get to the next level.

In this episode Alexis and Elizabeth discuss:

  • What she does as an embroiderer. This career  is her life that sustains and feeds her soul. 
  • She shares the pillars or the different areas that bring her income. They talk about those, including Sew Sweet Sunday.
  • They discuss the reason that she applied for the coaching call- which is she desires to transform her academy.
  • Elizabeth and Alexis discuss her course that she is creating. Possibly offering an introductory course for beginners and then additional courses to move forward. Alexis talks about her current members and how she wants to move them to the next level. 
  • They discuss the benefit   of an “open and close” approach to what she is offering as well as ideas for opportunities for current academy members. 
  • How long should her course be? The hit on how she would like to offer others a path to make an income with embroidery. 
  • Alexis asks Elizabeth how to stay confident in the content that she is offering and sure that it will get them to the next level. Updates? 
  • They talk value and pricing. Elizabeth shares pricing advice and they also discuss rebates, value stacking, adding bonuses, payment plans and more. 
  • Elizabeth addresses Alexis’s social media and what she would love to see more of on her Instagram feed. She advises her to study the following Instagram account:   @alejandramezadiy and see which reels are getting the most views. Then, she should tweak them for her own industry. She shares some reel ideas like close-ups, time lapse, tutorials, tips and hacks. Elizabeth would like to see her be the “go to embroidery feed’!
  • They talk about course completion goals, Facebook Ads, copyrighters, business coaches and more. 

Where can you find out more about Alexis and Sew Sweet Academy?

Turn your Embroidery hobby into a business. Don’t know how embroider, then learn how!  Take a look at Alexis’:

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