Quilts and Macramé with Ellene McClay

April 5, 2024

Episode 150

Quilts and macramé with Ellene McClay

Ellene of Brave Nouvelle was an art teacher for years. She has studied and taught many forms of art, and recently started a creative business with these skills. Ellene feels a quilt isn’t finished without embellishment. For example, she loves to add a macrame element to her quilts. With people asking if she teaches this, we discussed how she could offer that as part of her business.

Enjoy this business coaching call with Ellene of Brave Nouvelle.

In this coaching call episode, Elizabeth and Ellene discuss:

  • Ellene introduces who she is in the quilting and creative community
  •  Elizabeth and Ellene discuss her journey- what Ellene has done with her career and what she is doing now.
  • They talk about Ellene’s new pattern and Ellene poses a question about releasing her pattern with or without her macrame.
  • Elizabeth and Ellene  talk about Ellene’s unique niche and the fun applique map quilts she has made. Ellene wonders and they discuss how she can take this  macrame quilt combination and teach about how to do it.
  • Macramé courses come up. Ellene has questions about how to go about this. Lifetime access? They talk videos, cover quilts, ways she could give access to modules, retiring courses, how you price a course and the execution of the courses.
  • Elizabeth shares ideas for Ellene on moving forward logistically. They talk about hiring, step-by-step modules and getting bite sized lessons in macrame recorded.
  • Ellene has questions about launching. How much do you share before you release something and finding ways to get that interest and excitement to grow beforehand.
  • They talk about reels and meshing and drawing connections from her past experience to her current macrame niche.They discuss how Instagram moves fast and how she cane share the same topics in different ways over and over and that will be just fine. Rinse and repeat!
  • Put a stake in the ground and be know for her unique niche! Reel ideas are shared about how she can showcase her macrame niche and how Elizabeth encourages her to go on in on the niche for a few years to build recognition and a following in her specialty. Share, share, and then she can expand in the the other areas she is also interested in. People like to know what to expect when they follow you.
  • Elizabeth shares ideas about how she can offer her patterns, with macrame courses included.
  • They talk email list opt-ins! Elizabeth shares some niche specific ideas for her.
  • Pricing and finding that sweet spot of accessibility and and being paid what you’re worth. They discuss possibly pricing for her pattern with courses.

Where Can you Find More about MACRAMÉ WITH ELLENE MCCLAY?

Ellene’s niche and macrame ideas are so exciting! Be sure to check her out!


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Vicki _at_EBQuiltsCompany,

Three Cheers for Sarah Clark!!!

Dear Elizabeth, I am only 5 minutes into episode 148 with Sarah Clark and needed to pull over to submit a review… She was able to articulate her WHY for pursuing her creative career so artfully, and every word resonated. I too have been ‘creative-adjacent’ in my career, longing to find something that fulfills me the way quilting does and am excited about the bright possibilities ahead of me. THANK YOU, Sarah, for giving these thoughts form for me, and THANK YOU, Elizabeth, for using your platform to empower other creatives to reach these goals. Bravo!!! (Can’t wait to hear the rest of what Sarah has to say!! 😁)

—Vicki at EBQuiltsCompany


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