Online Courses and Social Media Growth with Amelia McCall

January 26, 2024

Episode 140

Online Courses and Social Media Growth with Amelia McCall

Amelia Mccall of Mother Sews Best gained over 50 THOUSAND followers on Instagram in ONE DAY. She is an online educator for mom’s who want to sew clothing for their kids. Learn how Amelia has grown her business (for free) and is now earning more than she ever thought she could. Amelia shares what she offers in her business, what she plans to do going forward, and shares tips with you that can help you turn your craft into a successful career.

In this episode Amelia gives insight on:

  • Who she is and what she does in the quilting and sewing world.
  • We talk about the correlation between sewing and mental health. Amelia shares how she found out sewing can be therapeutic
  • She teaches other mother’s how to sewing clothing. Amelia shares how and why she started Mother Sew’s Best in 2020.
  • We talk about course creation including what platform she uses. 
  • Amelia explains what courses she offers and about her membership. She also talks about using a projector for her patterns! 
  • She has an amazing Instagram story. She shares how she grew a large following in a short time. 
  • A few of the things s he has done that she feels contributed to her fast growth on social media. They are: She started a 12 Day Series, She consistently posts- every day, she had a viral post “calling all moms who…” and finally she niched down her content. Get smaller to get bigger.  
  • She speaks about the incredible monetary growth her business has had because of the increase in her following. 
  • We talk about hiring help. 
  • Amelia shares some of her hopes and plans moving forward with her business. 
  • She shares several things that have helped her in creating her business. 
  • Amelia shares some of her biggest tips for those thinking of offering an online course. 
  • How she get her challenges “out there” in the beginning of her business utilizing Facebook without a large following or email list.  
  • Amelia talks about some of the most challenging things she has faced starting a business as well as some great advice when you are wondering why you are even trying to keep going with formulating and growing your business.

Where can you find out more?

Take a look at some of the resources that were talked about in this episode as well as  at Amelia’s courses and what she has to offer:

Not for lazy marketers podcast (Emily Hirsch)

Cami Langston

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