Instagram Called Me- Here’s What They Said

December 8, 2023

Episode 136- Instagram Called Me

Instagram Called Me- Here's What They Said

Don’t miss episode 136: Instagram Called Me- Here’s What They Said. Sound familiar? A few episodes back, I had Michelle Gifford on the podcast sharing what she learned from Instagram. This episode is all about when Instagram reached out to me! I share the details about my experience with Jay from Instagram Meta.  Wondering how and why they contacted me? Hear about this plus what questions I had for them, and what tips they were able to share. All I learned, I want to share with you, so that you can get the same benefits! Learn what is next for Instagram, how to be seen on other’s feed that are not yet following you, about reel editing and SEO, what essential things Instagram recommends and more! 


In this episode I share what Instagram shares about:

  • Why they reached out to me and what criteria they look for. 
  • Instagram is interested in their product being successful just as we, as business owners, should be. Asking for feedback on your service or product is important to grow, get better and be successful. 
  • What is next for Instagram? Threads. 
  • We talked about how things are always changing and evolving and as business owners, we must be willing to learn and grow and evolve… until we feel we may be done. 
  • Instagram recommends that you post consistently. 
  • We talked about what you can do to have your account pop up on other’s feeds that are not yet your followers. 
  • Instagram shares how it is important to have a niche, use niched hashtags (3-8) to increase reach, and SEO. 
  • Jay recommends using the insights feature.  
  • I talk about little more on SEO, keywords, and reels. Use the Instagram editing feature to add words to your reel. Do not include watermarks from other platforms if you want to be promoted. 
  • What about audio? Adding original audio is best and then trending  audio will help with visibility. 
  • He recommends collaborating with others Invite a collaboration in a reel. Who benefits most?
  • Experiment on timing for reel length and also time of day. 
  • I talk about Instagram Broadcasting channels. What a broadcast is and what the purpose is.
  • One of my 2024 goals is to work on batching my content.
  • Recap: Be consistent with your posting, create within Instagram, have fun with social media and give Threads a try!

Resources Shared On Podcast

I shared about these two resources on the podcast:

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Review of the week

Lisa of Lizajanie Co.,

Thank you!

I have put off writing this review for so long because I’m not sure I can truly capture the value of this podcast. It has truly been life changing. Because of this podcast and getting to know you through each episode, I am now sitting in your Pattern Writing Course and gaining so much value out of it because I “knew” you, what your outlook on business is, and how you approach so many aspect of your business and beyond. I look forward to every Friday when a new podcast episode is released and often go back to listen to previous episodes over again. I gain new information each time I listen. Elizabeth shares tangible take aways, has so much knowledge within the industry and has first hand experience helping quilterpenuers create their business and follow their dreams with a realistic approach. Some guests on the podcast are specific to the quilting industry which is extremely helpful in providing knowledgeable information within our niche of business. However, Elizabeth also has a way of connecting outside the quilty world in order to open our eyes to new ideas, which could grow the industry. She does this all with a warm heart and welcoming spirit. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all of your heart and soul you have poured into this podcast and so much more! You are so raw, real & authentic. It is greatly appreciated!


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