A Season of Wintering

October 27, 2023

A Season of Wintering

A Season of Wintering

A Season of Wintering: Episode 131 with Elizabeth Chappell. How often as a business owner do you feel burnt out? As entrepreneurs, as humans really, we feel the drive to go, go, go and heaven forbid we go into “hibernation” for a season. In Episode 131, I share about a holistic approach to business. In this episode, I encourage you to re-evaluate your business goals and purpose. Why are you doing what you do? What are your metrics of success? Stop feeling guilty taking time off to live life and enjoy friends and family. We cannot always be in a constant season of spring. We need a season of wintering to formulate new ideas, enjoy life and for rest. Listen in for more tips and encouragement for you, the creative entrepreneur! 

In this episode I will give you tips and insight as I share what I have learned over this past year, 2023. It has been a year that I have learned a lot through my ongoing season of “spring” and has been pivotal in how I will run my business moving forward in 2024. I explain what I mean:

  • I share a reel with you that is extremely impactful as business owners. Part of what is said, I have posted for inspiration. That is, “Distraction is the death of art. Boredom is the birthplace of it.” I elaborate and share how this reel can be applied to the creative entrepreneur. 
  • How often do you feel burnt out? Do you feel bone tired and like you are running on exhaust? I share what my hope is, for you, as a listener. It is not to do “all the things”. 
  • Why do you do what you do? What are you offering? I found this year that money will not carry you…will not fulfill you. When money is the end goal, it will not make you happier. Yes, as a business owner, money is a part of it. BUT dig deep. How does what you do serve a greater purpose? Tap into that and it will help you with burnout.
  • When was the last time you were bored? We stay so busy in our society…but art is born in boredom or in slowing down. It is important that we don’t attach our value tp how busy we are…to how much we are producing. We need our rest and we will be better business owners for it.
  • I recap what 2023 looked like for me. I was in a constant state of “spring”, which lead to fatigue and burn out. You have a front row seat, as a podcast listener, to my lessons learned! 
  • What is my definition of success? What does success look like for me. I really took some time to ponder this and re- evaluate my business and life. See my Metrics of Success list below. 
  • I talk about self sabotage. How id staying busy a coping method? Are you distracted and busy to avoid your feelings and hide from yourself? Do you have a lack of boundaries for fear of letting people down? Self evaluation can be hard. When we are too busy, we are telling people that we don’t  honor our time or manage it well. Being too busy is a bandaid for something in your life that is uncomfortable to look at. 
  • So what do we do if we are feeling this constant season of spring? The go, go,go? I talk about how to re-evaluate yourself and your business, your goals and your purpose. I share some questions you can ask yourself 
  • Success can come in all forms. Get clear with your vision of success. Enjoy life! Don’t sacrifice your family and friend relationships at the cost of being an entrepreneur. Rest without guilt. We cannot be in a constant state of spring. We need a season of wintering for new ideas and for rest. 

Elizabeth's Resources and Tips

Here are some examples of what I have concluded after re-evaluation of my business. Take the time to come up with our own lists and goals and re- evaluate how you can have a more holistic business approach. 

Elizabeth’s Metrics of Success. What success looks like for me:

  • To be well rounded
  • Have more time with my family
  • To be able to have lunch with my friends
  • Success is learning to love myself. Life coaching and therapy are part of this.
  • Knowing who I am
  • Discovering what fills my bucket
  • Learning to love others. Loving myself and loving others goes hand in hand. 
  • Leaning in to the fact that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. 
  • Enjoy nature. It is healing for me. 
  • Slowing down- it is not al about the money.

My weekly plan:

Monday- Create content

Tuesday- Podcast day 

Wednesday- Art, sweing, pattern writing and creative day 

Thursday- Meeting day

Friday- NO WORK! Unwind, read, allow myself to watc h a show to unwind, take a nap and get new ideas! 

Check out this REEL about the Redwood Trees mentioned at the beginning of this podcast. 

The Book mentioned in this podcast is:

The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self- Sabotage Into Self- Mastery 

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JLC quilter,

First podcast review ever!

Listening to your interviews has given me the confidence to start my own business. You’ve given me enough information and stories from experienced entrepreneurs to help me develop a framework that will succeed. I’m never fast about starting something new and significant, so I’ve spent the last month and a half listening to almost all your episodes, taking notes, and mulling over my plans as I navigate the next chapter of my life. Now I am ready to do the work. Thank you!


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