Academy For Virtual Teaching

September 22, 2023

Academy of Virtual Teaching with Lyric Kinard

Academy For Virtual Teaching

Are you an aspiring teacher? Maybe you are an educator already and could use some help to up your game teaching in the quilting industry. In episode 127: Academy for Virtual Teaching with Lyric Kinard, she shares all about Global Quilt Connection and the Academy For Virtual Teaching. Lyric Kinard is an award winning artist with a passion for sparking the creativity that she knows each of her students posses.  What she shares today will be inspiring and exciting. If you are interested in teaching or are a teacher of any sort including in- person, online, a presenter etc, this episode is for you! Tune in to learn more about the academy for educators and see what resources are available for you! 

In this episode Lyric gives insight on:

  • The Academy For Virtual Teaching. Lyric introduced herself and shares how the academy was started to help teachers up their game, appear more professional and become more profitable in the education part of their businesses. 
  • What is the Global Quilt Connection? It is a support for guilds and quilters. She shares what it’s all about and how you can apply to join.
  • Lyric explains how the Academy For Virtual Teaching grew from the Global Quilt Connection. The academy is a support for teachers. She explains what this looks like as teachers as supported in many aspects so that they can better serve the guilds and quilters that they love to teach! She shares what is offered and it is amazing! 
  • Have you wondered what to charge for your class or lecture? We talk about how people choose what they charge. She breaks it down to two things to think about when you are coming up with your price. We also talk about what the low and high end of  the range could be as an educator. 
  • We talk about what the topics are for Lyrics classes and lectures. Also, what makes a person interesting and a desirable teacher? She shares four tips or suggestions for making sure you are an engaging and desirable teacher. 
  • We talk about valuing yourself as you come up with what to charge when you love and serve those in the quilting community. 
  • We talk about being a collaborative community with room for everyone and how helping each other out helps all involved. 
  • Lyric also shares about working with limitations due to EDS. We talk about how virtual teaching could be a great options for those who struggle with illness or limitations but want to teach. 

Academy For Virtual Learning and other resources

Want to learn more about the resources offered for teacher? Take a look at:

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Episode 119 was very helpful to me as a listener & hobby quilter. Elizabeth does an excellent job sharing her entrepreneurial thought processes. It is validating to me to be able to choose what I say yes to. I’m just now learning to set my long range quilting goals, and having the strength & conviction to be able to say no to outside requests that don’t align with those goals. Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuing to share your experiences on your informative podcast. Wishing you much success & support in your endeavors.


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