Mental Clarity in Life and Business

June 9, 2023

Mental Clarity in Life and Business

Mental Clarity in Life and Business with Dara Tomasson. Dara works with quilters as a life coach. She helps clients with weight-loss as well as assisting them in developing self love and  a healthy mindset. Dana really wants to help her clients to stop self shaming, overcome perfectionism, gain confidence and just flat out live their truth. Aside from being a life coach, Dara has worked as a business coach for long arm quilters and has published several books.

I am really excited to have Dara Tomasson on the podcast! She shares great insights and offers so much to help quilters who are running a business and wanting to live their best, authentic self! There is SO much in this episode… you will NOT want to miss it! 

Mental Clarity in Life and business

In today’s podcast, listen in to our conversation as we cover:

  • Dara’s experience and journey in quilting to how she made the jump from long arm quilting to health and wellness.
  • She shares about the books she has authored and how those came to be.
  • We talk about perfectionism, people pleasing and procrastination and how they are all survival stratagies. 
  • Business is a mental game…it is a lot about mind work. Our brain can be our biggest enemy sometimes. 
  • She started working with a life coach and started seeing results from the inside out. She got herself  cleaned up and then really was able to and had the desire to help others. That is when she became a life coach herself. 
  • Dana shares some of  the coaching tools that she uses. One of them being The Model, which has to do with what we believe about ourselves and what is a fact. We can control what we think. Emotion is the fuel for our actions. 
  • We talk about mind work. Life is 50/50. Accepting that life is never 20/80 etc. The grass is not greener on the other side. Half good and half bad… that is normal. We all have negative thoughts- don’t fight against them. Dana shares what helps to rewires negative thoughts and see life differently and accepting that reality. 
  • The power of allowing feelings, sitting with out feelings, recognizing what you are feeling and why.
  • We talk about our emotions and how when we suppress, resist or avoiding emotion, this is what leads to depression. 
  • She talks about identity and how our personal reality makes your personality. 
  • Owning it…taking on your own identity. We talk about loving yourself- changing your relationship with yourself and how you look at yourself. When you start appreciating your body and who you are you start to treat yourself better. 
  • She shares another tool- the idea of spiral curriculum. 
  • Do clients only reach out to you about weight loss? We talk about how weight loss is really not about food, it is about how you cope and how you think. Diets don’t work. How do you use food in your life and how do you take care of yourself? Until you learn how to differentiate these things and how to help yourself, you aren’t going to be able to move forward. 
  • Dara talks about what she offers and how her business is structured. She explains her life time membership ( for a really great price I might add!)  and what that includes, plus other coaching options. 
  • She shares what platform she’s using for her business and where she has hired help for her website. 
  • Dara and I also talk about, what I feel is not talked about candidly, or often. That is peri/menopause. She explains what she does to help woman balance hormones and ground themselves… creating safety within your own body. Help with hot flashes! We talk about stress and how you can regulate your nervous system to help your adrenals and reduce cortisol.
  • Did you know that singing each day can help your thyroid? She shares some interesting information! 
  • We talk about showing up for yourself. Women wear a lot of different hats. We grow up thinking we have to live certain ways. It puts a lot of stress, anxiety and fear in lives…living to other peoples standards. You can make your own rules and own them and become your authentic self! When you you don’t and you constantly worry about offending, hurting feelings, you live in a world of anxiety and frazzled fear. It is a hard way to live! We don’t have the power to make other people feel anything. Live out your truth! 
  • People are allow to say what they say and think what they want and so are you. What if people don’t like what you do? Or like what you create- such as your patterns? What happens when you make a mistake and people aren’t happy. How do you handle this? 
  • We talk about having realistic expectations. We will always have and do things that are not perfect. We are human! Other will always have opinions that you don’t have to shoulder. Learning about what is your problem and what is not.

Show notes

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