A Creative Side Business with Sarah Ruiz

August 13, 2021

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A Creative Side Business with Sarah Ruiz

You’ll love listening to this weeks episode. It’s all about having a creative side Business with Sarah Ruiz. Are you considering taking the leap into starting your own creative side business, but not sure if you can handle it along side a full-time career? Learn what it’s like having a creative side business with Sarah Ruiz, a NASA Engineer by day and a quilterpreneur by night! It IS possible to do both! In this episode, we learn how Sarah does it—and you just might find the encouragement you need to follow your dreams!

In this episode we cover:

  • Shares how she came into Tech Writing
  • How she balances and manages her time
  • Sarah talks about handling yourself with confidence when offering your business services
  • How she became an Aurifil Artisan 
  • Not giving up! Keep trying when you get turned down
  •  The importance of branding and what can help you create “your look”
  • She shares with us her thoughts behind her 100 day projects, particularly her 100 Day Postcard Challenge!

Show Notes for Having a Creative Side business with Sarah Ruiz

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