How YouTube can Grow Your Business

May 26, 2023

You YouTube can Grow Your Business

How YouTube Can Grow Your Business with Emma of the 7t7 Club is full of helpful business insight! It was a pleasure to speak with Emma, who tells her story and all about growing her business on YouTube. She shares just how she has increased her audience and her community and how you too can successfully use this platform as a creative. 

How YouTube Can Grow Your Business

In this episode, Emma shares so much insight on how you can really use this platform to grow your business. We talk about:

  • Who is Emma and what does she do? 
  • She started using YouTube during the pandemic in 2020. She shares the reasons why she feels there is so much potential in this platform and how it has really built her business. 
  • Emma talks about her different revenue streams such as YouTube, her subscription box, membership for bag making, her revenue from being on a sewing shopping channel, her website etc. 
  • Now this is pretty cool! Emma has sewn costumes for some pretty big characters in the acting world! She shares which ones… including some costumes for Harry Potter, The Flash,  and even Chewbacca! 
  • She talks about how to use YouTube more efficiently and about learning the strategies.
  • How long does it take and how do you get monetized on YouTube?  She shares how long on average it will take you and that you have to have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers before you monetize.
  • What can you do on YouTube? How can you. get paid? What tools do they offer for tutorials? 
  • She shares about strategied for YouTube. Are you camera shy? How you can put out videos still. What she shares and what she is going to start doing with YouTube. She is writing a course that will dice deep into how to build a community, the analytics and SEO etc. It is aimed at those you want to show  creativity on YouTube. 
  • We chat more about the importance of community and how YouTube has helped her to create that. Email lists are brought up and how she got more subscribers through her freebies.
  • Emma shares what she would suggest that someone do who is interested in trying out YouTube for their business. She tells us what her top tip is! 
  • We talk about what the most rewarding part and the most difficult part of putting out YouTube videos is.
  • What has done well and how she new some of her posts would do well. 
  • Emma talks more about what resonates with viewers and collaboration. 
  • We talk about her subscription box…how it started and how it doing.
  • Youtube and digital memberships have brought her passive income and perhaps for years to come. The benefits of platforms like YouTube! 

Show Notes

Emma shares with listeners 10 Steps to Get Started On YouTube! To get this freebie, join below.

Interested in sewing one of her bags?

For free sewing tutorials and tips check out the YouTube Channel:
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AND…. I just HAD to share this photo of Emma and Chewie! 

How YouTube can Grow Your Business



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Review of the Week

Review of the Week


[Music] welcome to the craft to Career podcast with Elizabeth Chappell or every week we
dive into how you can turn your craft into a successful career get ready to have the career you’ve always dreamed of
[Music] welcome to episode 110 of the craft a
career podcast this is Elizabeth Chapel of Quilter’s candy and I’m really
excited about the guests that we have on the podcast today it is Emma Brassfield
of 77 she has done some amazing things
I’m talking she’s made costumes for the Harry Potter movies Star Wars movies
things that I are not in my wheelhouse right and like really cool however she
also has a business with sewing and you know right in that is in my wheelhouse
and she reached out and said hey I love the podcast
I do a lot of my business from YouTube I’ve grown a community there and you
know so many things so she wanted to come on and share about that and I
really wanted to hear from her on this topic because you know if you’ve heard me speak you don’t need to choose all of
the platforms and do all of the things but I want to present you and show you
your options as a business owner so this is one of the options YouTube
might be the thing for you it might be the platform of choice for you and if so
I wanted you to hear from someone who has used YouTube and has some tips for you and shares some insight about that
so I’m excited to have Emma here before we jump in and meet Emma I want to read
this review and I love it because it’s short simple sweet it’s from it’s either
math op or mat hop and the review says I really enjoyed
this podcast very informative helpful and interesting thank you so much for this review I love
it because it just takes a minute you just go in you write a little something about the podcast and it means so much
so thank you math op or math hop however you say it and if you’ve not left a
review for the podcast take just a second go and leave a review you can either tap the five stars or you can
write a little something and now let’s jump in and meet Emma Brassfield
[Music] podcast 4 listeners can you tell us a
little bit about who you are and what you do thank you so much Elizabeth I’m really excited to be here
um so I have my business is called Studio 77 so it’s a bit difficult to
explain on audio because it’s a number seven letter T number seven
um I’ve had my business for about 11 years now and but it’s evolved a lot I
started out as a director consumer business where I was making handmade toys
um and then it’s pivoted in the lockdown when I started my YouTube channel and now I teach other people how to make
3D projects and predominantly bags and so I have a number of patterns now bag
making patterns I have a mem ship I have a bi-monthly bag makers box and like I
say I have my YouTube channel as well and a community which is amazing yeah I
feel very connected here like when I start to explain what I do I’m like and I’ve got this
yeah okay but I will say so I looking through the things that you
shared I saw that you started YouTube in 2020 I did not know that you’d been
doing business so much longer before that okay is it because of covid that
you started YouTube or why did you start going on to YouTube in 2020 yeah so um
before 2020 I was also still working in costume because that’s my background
um making creature costumes for film and TV um and I did right pause hold on tell
our audience like when I was reading some of the stuff you made I was like oh heck yes we’re having her okay so what
are some of the costumes that you’ve made and where have they shown up so um predominantly in the creature costume
department or creature effects department so I’ve worked on um a number of the Harry Potter films
um I helped to make the bat suit for Batman Begins um I worked on Thor for making curse
which is the kind of body in Thor 2. um I’ve worked on the flash for Justice
League um igglepigal for In the Night Garden if you have little ones um I don’t know I think that’s pretty
International um and Chewbacca for Star Wars like how did you how did you land these
jobs how did this start um so I did a degree in costume and
special effects and I just kind of um obviously that was in London in case
you can’t tell that I’m English um and I went to London cordial fashion
and it’s a really good college there and they get outside Shooters in and everything so we had a little bit of um
connection to the industry anyway and then as I left I was just very
determined I am quite a determined person I think you have to be if you’re self-employed in your own business yeah
um and then I landed a job as a trainee on Harry Potter 3 and uh which is prism
Azkaban and then it just kind of it’s very much who you know and you know
um kind of showing that you can work hard and get on with people and obviously you can do the work and then it just kind of
snowballs so well and you are determined so in the
best way like I love that you’ve reached out I think you’ve sent a DM and uh the
person on my team who runs the Instagram for the podcast told me about your DM and I read through it I’m like oh that’s
interesting because there are quite a few people who reach out and I’m like no I mean not to sound discouraging but I
want to bring my audience the best you know and so when I saw yours I’m like yeah we’re gonna bring her up
um and I did want to ask okay I lived in London for a year and a half-ish and
you’re south of London where exactly are you yeah so I’m southwest uh I live in a
county called Surrey so I’m about an hour from Central London so not too far
yeah okay nice so all right for our listeners I’m very
curious can you share again all the pieces of the pie what how are you bringing money in what are the different
revenues sure so I have my YouTube channel which brings in revenue from ads
um I will say that’s not my highest revenue but basically all of my business
has come my business as it is now has come from YouTube pretty much
um which is what I’m really excited to talk to you about because there’s it there is just so much potential with a
YouTube channel and I feel like um people don’t talk about it enough like it’s not just the revenue that
comes from YouTube like I say that’s not my highest revenue but the community that you can build from YouTube because
of YouTube that’s literally how I’ve built my business because obviously the
people that I started out my business my customers that I started out with they were predominantly mums probably not
that creative um they were just looking for toys to to buy for their kids and presents Etc so
quite a different Market to my customers now so I did have to Pivot quite a lot
even though it’s the same brand name and everything um yeah so I have my um YouTube channel I
have my subscription box which is every other month um that is uh I’ve just sent out my
second box so it’s quite new um and then I have my membership which
is um every month they get uh different bag making related goodies like digital
goodies um a bit similar to yours um but again that’s going through a
major shift at the minute so I can’t really say too much what’s going on with that because I haven’t announced it
um it’s exciting yeah yeah I’m really excited for that um but the the kind of old or current membership is
um a pattern every month so it’s definitely um all based on bag making community community is a big aspect I do we have
like social zooms competitions that kind of thing um and then I am also on a sewing
shopping channel here in the UK called sewing Street as well and I guess present them there roughly about every
month every six weeks and so they buy my patents wholesale from me for that
um and then of course I sell my patterns on my website too and I’m hoping to um
get into more wholesale um you know people with my with my patterns too so yeah I think that’s so I
wish yeah there’s probably something in there that you’re like oh and that yeah which of those is the biggest piece of
your financial pie which one is bringing in the most Revenue right now uh probably The Shopping Channel
oh interesting yeah yeah because that’s they buy your patterns wholesale and
then sell them right yeah they kind of know my kind of back catalog now but every time I bring out a new pattern the
pattern goes first into the club and then um to they they have exclusive access to
it for a month this is the kind of current club which is changing um but they have exclusives access to it
then when it comes out to retail I have a deal with sewing street that it launches
um exclusive to them first and they they get the exclusivity and then 10 days
later I can then sell it as digital download or physical pattern as well so
I like that exclusivity like the first rights to getting it that is a good marketing do you think about marketing
often I feel like you probably do yeah I try to yeah with everything going
on yeah oh yes I’m sensing with especially because your membership’s changing and you’ve pivoted I’m like man
we we are two peas in a pot like you and I I like this so let’s hear more about
YouTube because I do feel like with my audience a lot are Quilters and
what I see when people go on YouTube often is they’re just giving out free patterns
and tutorials and that kind of a thing without much it’s just kind of like well I’ll use this to grow my audience but
can you talk to how to maybe use this a little more efficiently or smartly yeah
so um yeah I mean YouTube is certainly a roller coaster I know it’s not for everyone
um but used in the kind of in a strategic way it can be amazing for
growing a community um a loyal Community as well um it’s not an easy route but it’s
really amazing what can happen I mean um sewing Street came from YouTube
um my community has come from seeing like trusting in my tutorials that they’ve seen on YouTube
um I do and there’s another thing as well as I have Affiliates as well so that’s another I mean a lot of YouTubers
do that as well they have affiliate links so I forgot to mention that in my Revenue stream um yeah so
I just think you know it’s it’s amazing what can happen um there’s a podcast I’ve listened to
that’s like because and they have a segment where they say because of my YouTube channel this happened and I just
think that’s so true like it some people I mean I started off thinking yeah yeah I’m gonna go and go on YouTube and it’s
gonna I’m gonna make loads of money and it’s gonna be like so naive
like can I just put a video out and I’ll make loads of money um and then and then you kind of find
out um you know all the nuances and the different tweaks you have to do um and I’m not saying it’s impossible
far from it um I mean if if you stay focused I think it was about six months
that I took to be monetized I think it takes average around a year
to get monetized on YouTube um and you do have to be consistent like
I say you have to be strategic um and just kind of either research or have someone helping
you getting those little tips and tricks to get there because there are different
things that you can do to make it go a bit quicker um so yeah so
um it’s it’s just amazing what can happen from your your YouTube really
um I just think I think anyone that has a creative business should be on there
and there’s different obviously forms you can do you can do your tutorials
um I started off for sure doing free tutorials that is how I got my um you
know got over the monetization kind of threshold because you have to have 4 000 watch hours and a thousand subscribers
before you are monetized and um if you don’t realize that when
you watch YouTube the adverts that they play you before middle and end or
however you kind of set it up that’s how you get paid because you get a little piece of that advertising revenue and it
does depend on your Niche so um obviously this isn’t really going to apply to your listeners but say you’re
in the financial Niche then um the advertisers are going to pay a lot more so your
um CPM cost per mil which actually means a thousand it’s very confusing it’s not cost per million
and will be a lot higher than um say I don’t know selling Children’s
Health or something right yeah yeah exactly and but actually um quilting isn’t too bad it’s quite a
good CPM yeah so well quilting and sewing I should say
um yeah yeah so but I mean I I want to point out too YouTube this is a great Revenue whether
someone chooses Instagram Pinterest Blog podcast whatever you choose people generally think oh well this
one’s not working it’s too hard I’m going to jump to the next one none of them are easy they all take consistency
and you know learning and so but YouTube might be a really great fit for someone
you know for one of the listeners or many of the listeners so I’m curious because looking through what you’ve
shared it it looks like oh you first got a lot of sales by doing a tutorial and then saying if you want the pattern you
can buy that in the link is that right yeah so I started off like I say doing all these free tutorials and that got me
over the monetization and um yeah and then now I well I’m gonna
try and swing it back a little bit more but now I’m I predominantly at the minute my videos come out for my club
members I can flick the switch so that it’s ad free so they watch them without ads uninterrupted
um you can add chapters as well so people can jump ahead so that you know
say you’re sewing along with something or you’re making something sorry and you’re using the PDF instructions but
you get stuck on like the zipper or something for me because I’m a Bag Maker um you can go into the description and
then it will have like how to insert the zipper or whatever you want to put and YouTube will allow you to click on
that and it will take you straight to that part of the video um so it’s a great tool for your
audience you know especially if you’re making tutorials which is like amazing for YouTube to be able to do that but
it’s great for your customers because they know that if they get stuck um they can they can have that there and
I’ve noticed as well I don’t know if this is so much in the quilting world or other you know creative niches but
certainly in the bag making world I see a lot of people saying I don’t want a pattern if it doesn’t have a video I
just don’t want to know and so you know um and you can do it without showing
your face you don’t have to show your face you can do it all through your hands you know just showing the finished
article um and then obviously you’re hand making the thing with a voiceover
Etc so there’s if you’re camera shy please don’t let that put you off there’s different ways you know you can
get around it um but yeah so that’s that’s what I do um at the minute I want to bring it my
channel back around so that I’m peppering it in with like really interesting videos as well not just at
the minute like I have been doing which is just like making tutorials for that are connected to my patterns
um so yeah there’s loads of different things you can do it’s it’s really fun yeah what other things are you wanting
to sprinkle in there besides you know what you just mentioned I want to do more kind of like um what’s going to
happen you know I’m going to try and make this thing um will it work what tools am I going to
use what kind of issues am I going to come up against how I overcome them do I give up you know that kind of no I’m
just gonna say a little bit more vloggy um but not really a day in the life not not that kind of Vlog but yeah
right is that okay I’m it seems like that’s a really good strategy for YouTube where
are you learning these strategies and you mentioned there are you know you got to learn that yeah I mean there’s loads
of stuff on YouTube but it can be really overwhelming um and so I absolutely I’ll tell you how
many hours I’ve spent searching through all the YouTube videos just trying to get little nuggets here and there um
there’s a lot of gatekeeping you know kind of thing um so I’m actually in the process of
writing a course which I’m really excited about which is just for
um people well I mean anyone can do it but it’s gonna be aimed at people who
are making tutorials or wanting to show their creativity on YouTube so whether that’s tutorials or like the Vlog kind
of style that I’m talking about or um you know like shopping hauls but you
know in a creative way um yeah so I’m really excited about that it’s gonna be a 10 week 10 module calls
like proper deep dive into all the different ways you can do it we’re going to have a tech week
um I’ve got an amazing expert coming in with that because Tech is not my forte I love it but you know you gotta you
gotta know where you’re weaknesses um yeah so um we’re gonna dive into the
analytics how to kind of um you know really push your video in a
great way so that SEO you know SEO Optimizer YouTube can find you and show you to the right people all of that
um and also build a community within that as well of people that are doing the same thing same Journey help each
other out you know what about this thumbnail what do you think about this you know that kind of vibe so yeah I’m
really excited about that yeah well that sounds very helpful especially because I’m even just picturing
what kind of setup do you have how many cameras do you have because that in and of itself I’m like I’ve got my phone and
that’s it so is that enough yeah that’s absolutely enough I still
just use my iPhone to film everything I tried to use a GoPro I do have a GoPro
um and I just found it really tricky and that the GoPro would just switch itself off or I could lose the footage or like
oh dear um so yeah so the course will be completely aimed at beginners
um and just using what you have you don’t need to get any fancy equipment I
mean if you want to then a microphone is great lighting is great I mean if you
want to go and get a camera then amazing like it’s gonna take you to the to the next level but you don’t you don’t have
to and I I haven’t and you don’t need to you know okay okay that’s good to hear
because honestly some of the people who do YouTube I just see all their equipment and I’m like I’m not playing
that game like I I’m out so you can do it with just your phone and you have mentioned a lot the
importance of community so how have you built a community how has YouTube done that and how has that helped you
monetize yeah so um the key thing and I think you’ve talked about this before because
I always listen to your podcast I love your podcast um is um you know your emailing list
because that’s the thing the only thing that you own you know and
um you know I’ve seen big channels have their YouTube channel taken away and
their Facebook and their Instagram all of those are not owned by us so um I didn’t really realize what I was
doing I think I must have seen somewhere that you should get emails but um right from the beginning any of my
free patterns I had an email opt-in so you know they had to leave their email in order to get that free template
pattern whatever it is um so I think at this time I think I have six or seven
um different email you know sign ups freebies
um and that has helped massively because then you know YouTube chooses who it shows
your video to and that is one thing is that once you launch a video it will
show it to a certain amount of your subscribers and then depending on how
well that does it will then go oh that’s done well okay so say say it sends it to
200 of your subscribers and half of those click and watch it which is Amazing by the way let’s say 100 people
of those 200 so then YouTube will say well this is good let’s show it to another 200 or let’s show it to another
400 of your subscribers and it kind of goes out like that like a reverse funnel
um so yeah so if you can get emails from people
um it kind of bypasses that a little bit because you’ve got your target audience in your email system so you can send out
reminders like hey it’s Friday I’ve got a video coming out here’s the link you
know and you can try and get people to the platform that way which YouTubers it
seems like you can make sure that even if YouTube doesn’t decide to share it with your audience you are so they can
really be sure to know that that’s there and I’m curious on YouTube I haven’t
done a whole ton of it do you go live like are you talking to people on
YouTube you can you certainly can yeah it’s um it’s totally up to you I have done lives
um it’s difficult lives they say that it’s really good for finding people that are
not your subscribers so they might happen upon you a little bit more if you’re live um so especially when you’re starting
out and you’re trying to gain that trust and trying to find new subscribers then that’s a really good way to to get that
um but it it just depends because after you’ve gone live once that live video is up there unless people know YouTube how
to kind of use YouTube in a kind of in-depth way I feel like it does YouTube
doesn’t really show people those lives that much if they happen on your home page and
also because of the kind of interaction that you’re going to have with the community which is a great way to build
your community again is to to have that um you’re going to be answering questions you’re going to be asking
people stuff and so that might cause people to drop off if they’re
watching back it depends how you kind of do your live if you just do your live and don’t communicate with the viewers that are
asking questions that’s one way to do it but then they might get disheartened you know it’s it’s true right yeah yeah
interesting so what would be your biggest like if someone’s thinking of
doing YouTube or they’re interested in it what would you say think about this before you jump
in my top tip is to try and take away arms and Ours
because the biggest thing is um um
the biggest thing is you want to keep people watching so you wanna it’s like they always say with reels you’ve got to
hook them in you know those first few seconds it’s exactly the same and like I touched on before YouTube will
um reward reward you depending on how long people watch so if you’ve got a 30
minute video and people are only watching for 30 seconds it’s gonna think it’s not a good enough video so you need
to try and that’s really difficult with tutorials don’t get me wrong like that’s another reason why I want to Pepper
different videos in to try and get my watch out I’ll not watch hours up but my watch time up because it’s difficult
with a tutorial because people might watch the beginning and go oh yeah that’s a really cool bag and then or
whatever it is you’re showing and then go off get the pattern brilliant and make it but not watch the rest that
doesn’t mean they don’t like it they just don’t need to watch not everybody wants to so long so it is good to have
different kind of um areas of styles of videos on your
channel to to get different people into your channel um yeah that’s smart that is really
smart and what has been well I’ll ask well what’s been the most rewarding part
of having a YouTube channel and what’s been the most difficult part for you I
think the most difficult part is when you put out a video and you’ve spent hours and hours and you feel like you’ve
done everything right you’ve done what all the gurus say and then it doesn’t do well and that’s really like oh it’s
really crushing but then sometimes you put out a video and you don’t think it’s
going to do well and it does really well and that’s just like the best feeling it’s a proper roller coaster is it
YouTube yes yes have you ever thought you put out a video and you thought oh
this is good and it was good yeah yeah so my I have my biggest
tutorial on my channel is UM shark pencil case and um actually you can see it you can
see it yeah I’m like I see that on you yeah behind me um and that’s a free pattern
and um there’s different ways that you can find things that you are not certain are
going to do well but you think are gonna do well and there’s different little tips and tricks that you can do that
um and that was one of those ones that I I kind of thought that that would that would do well another one was the um
Bernie Saunders mittens
I’m ahead of you guys um time wise and I think uh that came it was about around about
five or six p.m here when I realized it was just kind of like taking over the
internet all the memes are out all the gifts and everything and I was like I need to make a tutorial on how to make
these mittens um so literally I think I started at
half past seven in the evening I used my husband’s old sweater I was like I need
to just in the name of YouTube and I think I got
the video up online on YouTube around four or five in the morning literally I
didn’t stop I had to write the pattern it’s the quickest pattern I’ve ever done not write the pattern draw that you know
design the template and um I remember I remember sitting in
here and I remember my eyes going as I was trying to edit it and at that time
I don’t know why but oh blessing but that did do well I’m so glad I did that
because the next morning so obviously it was kind of up while you guys were still
awake and so it started gaining traction because people were looking how to make
their own mittens so that’s funny so how did you you ever saw slightly said there
are tricks to learn what’s trending basically how did you know the shark case was gonna do well because you said
I had a feeling I would do well how did you have a feeling yeah so um I found I don’t know how I found it I
don’t know if I found the Creator on Instagram or I don’t know but I found that this shark pencil case tutorial in
Spanish and maybe Korean and I reached out to the Spanish Creek later and I
said hey would you like to do a collaboration I would really love to do your shark in English and you can do
anything that I’ve done if there’s anything that you’re interested in and she said yeah yeah she was so sweet and
um yeah so I knew that her because hers had done so well so you can yeah
um people’s channels and their subscribers if they have a video that has done has got more views than they
have subscribers then you know it’s a good thing and you shouldn’t copy them
of course you should never copy but if there’s a way that you can add a Twist
to it so like me in a different language and what I didn’t realize is how many
people were waiting for it to be done in English like it was crazy so I started
putting it on Facebook groups and people were literally like I’ve been I’ve been trying to make this I’ve been trying to
follow along in Spanish but I don’t understand and or this kind of stuff so
that is so smart but it’s similar I’m thinking because I know Instagram more if I follow certain people or I see some
real that’s blown up like millions of views oh well clearly something about that is resonating so you can try and
see what what is it and how could I do that with my own thing you know yeah exactly exactly the same thing it’s the
same I guess it’s similar on all socials isn’t it um and it’s just important you know to to put your own spin on it and change it
can you know can you make it different or can you make it in a better way from
how you think I mean that’s not to say that it’s bad Investments but you know you know right put a spin on it yeah
yeah so did that person end up taking one of your tutorials and doing it in Spanish yes yeah they did yeah and how
how did that go was it like equally you helped grow each other’s audiences or anything I guess I don’t know if there’s a lot of crossover but yeah um I think
she did the crayon roll which was one of my best sellers when I was making to sell
um and I don’t know if it did as well unfortunately it’s difficult you never know you never
know she took your best seller you took hers you know what can you do
that’s really cool so and um I’ll be all curious with the physical subscription box that you have it’s
every two months right if you send that out yes how did you get started with that and how many people are joining
that if you want to share if not that’s totally fine too that’s fine um so I had an idea to do a Advent box
just before Christmas well it was last summer um so I launched it in the summer I did
a pre-order and that everybody had it shipped at the beginning of November so
that it had loads of time because I I do sell internationally as well I have a lot of my community here internationally especially in the states in Canada Etc
um and so that did really well I sold 100 of those and um and I really wanted to get to 100
because as everybody knows you know when you buy a bulk it’s kind of 100 is like the golden number to start with
um so I was really pleased with that it was it was called the 12 days of bag making so every
um every day or over 12 days or you could do every other day or I did have some people just open them all at once
they were so excited um but you got 12 packages or 12 paper
bags with a number on and you had to open them in order and then the end the
12th package was a pattern a secret pattern that nobody knew was going to be from beginners up I actually made it so
that there was a beginners and an intermediate kind of twist on it and then everything else in the Box apart
from interfacing everything else you could use to make that bag so the hardware the zippers I made a bespoke
pull for it you know I made it really fun um and there was some extra bits in there as well
um I designed a bag Maker’s journal for it which I also sell as well this is a
lot of work um a lot of love went into that box um but they absolutely loved it I loved
doing it they loved receiving it and then I was kind of like oh you know loads of people are asking about it and
lots of people were disappointed because the pre-order was quite early which is what I had to do to get all the stuff in
um and so by the time people were actually talking about it by the time it was Christmas they were like how do I get one and I was like uh but it’s gone
kind of thing um and so I just put out a few feelers like would you be interested if I did a
monthly subscription box I had great you know feedback and it just kind of went
from there so I launched it again I did like a pre-launch launched it in uh the
first box went out in March and then yeah okay it’s just gonna get in May and then the next one will be
July but we’ve sold out again is it at 100 again or are you going less
or more a hundred that’s a good yeah wholesale and are most of these people finding you through YouTube they’re
finding me all different places so I go live um I think it’s really good to have a
kind of multi-prong attack if you like um definitely YouTube helped me so much
in the beginning especially to get my name out there um amongst the bag making community and
um just show my tutorials and my style and it’s always there it’s Evergreen right so every month even if I stop
YouTube tomorrow I never put another video up I will still earn money from
that until YouTube says okay no more kind of thing and obviously it will go down like YouTube wants you to be
consistent they probably gonna stop showing your videos so much if you’re not you know that kind of thing but I do
believe that even if I stop and and the amazing thing is that I mean who knows
how long the whole way that YouTube runs it goes on but in theory if it stays the
same like my kids will be earning money from my videos after I’ve gone like
which is bad of course pretty amazing isn’t it I mean that’s true passive income right I love passive income where
you’re earning money while you sleep that’s the goal yeah which you’re you’re thinking of that with your membership as
well your digital membership it sounds like I’m very excited to see how that evolves and changes so I’ll have to keep
an eye on that that’s really exciting well it’s really neat to hear how you’ve used YouTube and
pivoted your entire career in 2020 you know focusing on YouTube and using that
to grow your audience and your community and yeah so thank you for reaching out
and sharing with us how to use YouTube as a creative to grow your business thanks so much Elizabeth and I’ve got a
freebie if you’d like to um yeah I’d like to have a look and it’s um it’s 10 steps to getting started on
YouTube for creatives so it’s a free ebook um and you can find that I’ll send you
the link as well so you can pop it in the show notes but you can find that at bits.lee forward slash YouTube tips for
creatives perfect and then I’ll put a link to that in the show notes as well which is forward slash 110 for episode 110. so yeah and if our
listeners want to find you you’re on Instagram each of all the places where where’s the best way to find you yeah I
mean you can reach out to me on any of those places like I said I go live every week on Thursday on my page
um at 8pm uh we’re in British summer time at the moment um with bag making tips and tricks if
you’re interested in bag making and um yeah you can find me everywhere YouTube Tick Tock Facebook Instagram
um and I’m all at studio7 t7 and I’m looking at your
little plaque behind you at Studio spelled out Studio the number seven the letter t a lowercase T and then the
number seven which again is in the show notes okay before we go I did want to ask real quick do you have a team are
you a one woman show or how many people are on your team do you have teams yeah so it’s it’s kind of I’m gonna say kind
of just me because I am kind of expanding at the moment and listen to
your podcast on that your episode um my mom is my tech editor so she is on
my team but bless someone don’t pay her oh bless your mom what a good Mom that’s
amazing um but I have now got for my tutorials and nice but that’s
only in the last kind of month and um and I’m just kind of hiring someone to come in in-house to be to sit with me
that can kind of just do whatever I throw yes yeah so that’s that’s exciting yeah
yeah it’s really exciting because with everything that’s going on my head is a little bit kind of you know all over the
place and also through your ADHD episode I do think I have ADHD undiagnosed and
so that was a massive light bulb so it can be a little bit kind of shiny thing everywhere so I think having someone
kind of helped me that I can be like oh can you just do this and then I can you
know focus on other stuff so I’m excited for that yeah yes it’s exciting but also for me it’s
always very vulnerable when I hire and bring someone in I’m like oh you’re seeing yeah just how messy this is like
oh you’re looking at the inbox all the things like oh you forgot this Elizabeth I’m like oh my gosh yeah that’s embarrassing but you know that’s why
you’re here so well that’s exciting congrats and thank you again for being
here on the craft to Career podcast such a pleasure thank you so much thank you it’s been great
[Music] Emma thank you so much for being here it
was an absolute pleasure to chat with you I love the accent by the way I think
that’s such a fun thing to listen to and selfishly if I am back in London I would
love to come and see these costumes and meet up in real life but most of all thank you so much for sharing your
business insight about YouTube it was so insightful and helpful and I know that
I’m intrigued and I know that there will be listeners out there who are going to be very interested in trying out and
growing their business on YouTube just the way that you have so thank you so much for being here next week join me
right here on the crafty career podcast I will have a brand new episode for you until then take care
[Music] foreign


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