Web Design With Leila Rader – If Looks Could Sell…But they Do!

February 25, 2022

Craft to Career Podcast - Web Design

Web Design with Leila Rader - If Looks Could Sell... But They Do!

Web Design with Leila Radar – If Looks Could Sell . . . But They Do! Learn more about building a brand with colors, fonts, and using these elements on your website. Every business owner, at some point, will be thinking about these things. Guest Leila Radar is a website and graphic designer and she shares about what she does and how your website can help you grow your business. You will want to be sure to listen to this episode and hear Leila’s great tips, what she offers and how you can be sure to set up your website for success. 

Leila shares:

  • The Power of Design. How important the feelings are that you have when you land on a website and how to help your customers connect with it. 
  • Everyone has the tools to create a beautiful space. How to create with intention.
  • Do you have no clue where to start? Maybe you are unsure of your vision or what your brand is. Leila shares how she helps those who don’t quite know where to start. 
  •  What are your offering? How to deliver in a clear way and show others who you are. She gives ideas on how to find your style so that you can gain a visual of the loo and fell of what you want your website to be. 
  • She shares about which web host she uses and why.  
  • What design elements you can tweak that could help you see your sales increase. 
  • If you have both a shop and a membership… have you wondered how to make those two platforms cohesive on your website? She shares some ideas.
  • If you are a new business owner, she shares some tips on how you can start with a low budget ant at what point you may want to consider hiring someone for your website design. How to “plant seeds and work on your roots”. Working from the ground up. 
  • The key to branding is consistency. Tips on branding as well as logo design. 
  • Leila shares her most useful top when it comes to website design. 

Key take away from Web Design with Leila Rader – If Looks Could Sell…But They Do! Your brand is a reflection of you. Therefore, your website should be a direct line to your gifts, who you are and what you are offering. In this podcast, you will find the things that you need to create a standout website; one that will help your viewers connect with you, know you and understand exactly what you have to offer! 

Show Notes

Where you can find more information on what Leila offers:


Here is an example of Leila’s work. This website is one that she is particularly proud of. You will see why after you hear what she has to share about her reasons on the podcast:




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