hiring A Virtual Assistant with Kristy Yoder

March 18, 2022

Craft To Career Podcast Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Kristy Yoder

Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Kristy Yoder

Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Kristy Yoder. Once your business has grown, you eventually will need to hire some help. In fact, it will most likely become a necessity. Kristy, founder and CEO of Smart VAs and host of The Master Delegator Podcast, can match you with up with a Virtual Assistant. Kristy is passionate about helping business owners reduce their stress and free up their time, and giving them more freedom with virtual assistance. In this podcast, you will hear how she got started in this industry and the ins and outs of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Kristy shares:

  • What inspired her to get into Virtual Assisting and how she found her clients.
  • Once she became too large to handle on her own, she explains how she trained and hired people to join her business.
  • What exactly is a Virtual Assistant? How can hiring Virtual Assistants help you with your business growth?
  • What should you look for in a Virtual Assistant? She shares what it costs for a Virtual Assistant or a team of Virtual Assistants if you were to hire through her company. 
  • What services do people generally use Virtual Assistants for the most?
  • How hiring a Virtual Assistant is a long term strategy. It is an investment that you should expect a return on. 
  • Kristy shares suggestions for new creative entrepreneurs who are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant. She walks through the steps of questions to ask yourself to find out what would be mist helpful for you to delegate.
  • What is your WHY?

Show Notes

To learn more about Smart VAs and what help Kristy has to offer to help business owners, check out the following links.

Her business website:


The Master Delegator Podcast:


Find Kristy Instagram and DM her with any questions:





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