Tips for Quilting with Minky

March 28, 2023

Hi Quilty Friends!

I’m Mallory Smith from Fieldstone Fabric and I own an online fabric shop that specializes in modern fabrics for heirloom quilts. I especially love making quilt kits and curating bundles for fellow quilters. Today I am excited to share my tips for quilting with minky.

Have you ever snuggled up with a quilt, but wanted something weightier and softer than cotton? Once I used a minky backing on a quilt, I knew I was hooked forever! The cozy softness of the fabric will entice anyone to reach for your quilt to snuggle. Minky is great for small projects, and this Easter basket pattern is free for you!

But wait, how does one quilt with minky fabric? Intimidated by the rumored stretchiness and puckering? I sure was! My longarmer suggested using Cuddle fabric from Shannon Fabrics specifically. After falling in love with the fabric, I knew I had to stock it as inventory for my customers. I want to share with you some tips for quilting with minky.

  1. Prep that Fabric

Whenever quilting with fabrics that shrink differently, pre-washing your cotton is recommended. Pre-wash your cotton fabrics so they will shrink before getting quilted to the minky, which is polyester.

Before cutting minky fabric, place the minky fabric RST. Mark where you want to cut with a permanent marker on the backside of the fabric.

Minky backing on a Quilt

2. Control the Fuzz Fest

Placing the Cuddle 3 RST when cutting actually helps prevent the fabric from slipping on the cutting surface. The fabric sort of “grips” itself. However, the Cuddle Luxe should only be cut in a single layer.

Cutting the minky from the backside helps prevent some of the “mess” minky can leave behind. Use a rotary cutter when cutting most minky fabrics.

When cutting Cuddle Luxe, it is recommended to use a craft knife such as Olfa craft knife and cut on the wrong side. Press the craft knife only through the back layer of fabric but not all the way through the fluff. This will help you avoid a large fuzzy mess on your cutting mat.

Using a handheld vacuum while cutting is also helpful. However, make sure your handheld vacuum blows air out the back and not the sides of the vacuum. Blowing air from the sides will just spread the fuzz to further nooks and crannies in your quilt room!

After cutting, toss your minky fabric in the dryer with a wet washcloth for a few minutes to get rid of extra cutting mess. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a handheld vacuum to clean up the fuzz.

Fieldstone Fabric Minky

3. Sewing with Minky

Spray basting is helpful to hold the fabric in place. Change your needle to a stretch needle 90/14. Lengthen the stitch length to 3-3.5mm and use a light pressure on your pressure foot. Since minky is polyester, use polyester thread so there’s some stretch. I’ve found that quilting with my walking foot is helpful with keeping the fabric in place.

When sewing, double pin parallel to the cut edge. As you sew, you can remove the first layer of pins. The second layer does not need to be removed and helps hold it in place.

Quilt sparsely (with thicker cuddle) to highlight the softness of the luxe hide. This also cuts down on puckering. I like choosing a large quilting design that highlights the plush fabric.

4. Care for your Quilt

Washing your quilt the right way will help extend the life of the fabric. Wash the quilt in cold water. Tumble dry for 10 minutes, and then hang to dry.

Cuddle 3 and Cuddle Luxe fabric from Shannon Fabrics can be bought at my shop Minky can be used for more than just quilt backing! Click here for a free pattern to make a customizable Easter basket using Cuddle 3 fabric.

Like all of these tips but want them easily at hand while quilting? Here is a short, fun visual with all of these tips for quilting with minky!

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