Grow Your Audience With Reels

May 13, 2022

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Grow Your Audience with Reels

Grow Your Audience with Reels… featuring guest Jessica Rose of Quiltd Studios. Do you want to grow your audience and have more success with your Instagram Reels? Maybe you are not yet confident in doing Reels or are unsure of even where to start. Jessica shares her story of how she got started with her career and because of what she has learned, she can help you find success as well. She is not only a quilt pattern designer, but a reel extraordinaire! Let her help you gain success in the “Reel World”! 

Jessica shares:

  • How she got into designing quilt patterns. Her first quilt pattern she marketed actually started as a gift for her husband! 
  • She speaks a little about marketing and how she is drawn to the creative aspect of it. 
  • Her background and how she got started her own business. Learn what advice she was given and how it has helped her find success. 
  • How at first, stepping into the entrepreneurial world was overwhelming, but has become fun and enjoyable to her.
  • She speaks about how she chose her niche and why. She shares that sometimes what you do doesn’t have to be an out of the box idea. Do what speaks to you. 
  • How her business is going and growing in less than a years time. After focusing on Reels and consistent  posting, her followers have gone from 0 to over 18,000! She talks about the correlation between the size of an audience, growth and your business bottom line.  
  • She dives deeper into Instagram and Reels! How she embraced reels and grew through practice and research. Research is key to anything business.
  • EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Jessica has been creating a course for beginners that will level the playing field. Her course will be a great way for those who aren’t as familiar with this form of marketing to help their business grow. 
  • Having a plan and a purpose for each of your reels. Nailing down your target audience and goals is really important.
  • This is called having a Content Marketing Plan and she can help YOU figure this out! 
  • She shares her number one tip for creative entrepreneurs.

Show Notes

Would you like to schedule a one- on-one meeting with Jessica Rose to go over your own Content Marketing Plan? 

Find out how she can help you grow HERE

Interested in signing up for her Instagram Reels Course? 

Sign up for the beginners course HERE




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