What’s The Deal With Reels?

September 21, 2022

blog banner What's the Deal WIth Reels?

I’ve had so many people ask me, “What’s with all the reels?”.

Did you know that Instagram has announced that they are no longer a photo promoting platform? They are pushing for more and more video content. Obviously this has its pros and cons.

Pro: You can reach a wider audience and grow faster by creating video content. You can also show your process, your personality, and your content in a much more relatable way.

Con: It takes more time to create video content and “set the scene”. And, not everyone likes to watch reels.

What's the Deal with Reels?

Let’s review how to navigate reels as a viewer and then as a content creator where you can download my free Reels Making Tutorial.

How Do I NAvIGate Reels As A Viewer?

As consumers of content on Instagram, we are constantly telling the app what we like and don’t like by what we choose to view. It learns from our behaviors and tries to provide us with more of what we like. So, there are few things you should know about to use this to your advantage! 

The first thing you should know is that when you save, like, or comment, you are telling the app that this is content you like and want to see more of! Therefore, if you like something you see- give it a heart! If it’s something that inspires you, save it! And if it’s something you want to share, send it to a friend or tag a friend in the comments. 

So you do have some control over what kind of content Instagram will push to you.

USE The Search Bar

The search bar is also a great way to teach Instagram what kind of content you want to see more of. You can search for specific hashtags, like #quiltingismytherapy or #quilting. You’ll notice that when you enter your search, the first row is reels and below you will find pictures. So you can choose what you want to look at. And every time you search those words, you’ll get a new updated feed of content.

Instagram search bar

Instagram will learn that these are things you want to see more of and will offer more of it on your Explore/Search page.


Let’s talk about commenting for a moment. Commenting on posts/reels is a great way to interact with others and the people you follow. However, I (and others) have received negative comments before about how someone doesn’t like all the videos and doesn’t understand why I make so many “silly” reels. By making this comment, even though it is negative, Instagram views it as a positive interaction and therefore will give this person more of the same thing- which is exactly what they didn’t want!

So wield your power carefully! For it might come back to bite you! But also- just always lead with kindness because it is a real person behind the business who takes it to heart.


Just in case you don’t already know this, you can save reels and posts you like by clicking on the little banner button under the photo or when you tap on the three dots on a reel. It looks like this.

Saving Symbol for post

Once it is saved, you can go back to it by going to your profile page (click on your photo at the bottom right corner of the screen).

Clicking on photo

Then click on the three lines in the top right corner to find a drop down menu with that same “save” banner icon.


You can then look at all your saved posts and reels and even divide them into categories for easy searching later.

DO I Need to make reels as a content creator?

Reel example

Let me just start off by saying: No, you do not HAVE to make reels for your business. However, if you want to grow and reach a larger audience on Instagram, then yes, you need to make reels. 

There are different options for posting based on what you are trying to achieve with your post. Here is a simple breakdown of the types of posts and what they can help you achieve:

  • Reels: Reach new audiences
  • Posting Photos: Adding value to your followers
  • Posting Stories: Connecting with your followers
  • Live: Promoting a product or service

Download my free Reels Tutorial Here. 

How Do I Make Reels People Will Like?

There are three categories of successful reels out there: relatable, funny, and informative. Obviously the most daunting reels are the ones where we show our faces to the public. But there are plenty of ways to create reels without showing your face! It’s all about finding ways to curate your reels to your audience. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Sneak peeks at upcoming events, products, services
  • Behind the scenes process
  • Tips and How-To clips
  • Lists that are helpful, fun or useful
  • Answer common questions about your product/service/field of interest
  • Introducing your brand (you can do this more than once to reach new people!)
  • Sped up tutorial
  • Real Time tutorial
  • Instagram vs Reality 
  • Spotlight client testimonials

The most important thing is to give the people what they want. Ask yourself a few questions: Who do I represent? Why do people follow me? What do I have to offer? Make sure that when you are making reels, that they answer these questions.

If you’d like to get a more in-depth outline/tutorial on how to make reels and use trending sounds, Download my Free Reels Tutorial here

Kiley Ferons What's the Deal with Reels?

I hope this tutorial, What’s the Deal with Reels? helps you feel more confident making reels!



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