The Business Of Quilt Pattern Design

August 19, 2022

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Interested in becoming a quilt pattern designer? In this weeks episode, The Business of Quilt Pattern Design, I help you to feel motivated and empowered to reach for success as a pattern writer. There is room for quality designers and YOU can learn how to be a savvy business owner. There is more for you than what you currently have. As you listen to this podcast, open up your mind, learn how to be a student of business and welcome and embrace success!

The Business of Quilt Pattern Design

In this episode, I cover:

  • Why would one want to design quilt patterns?
  • How to be a Quilt Pattern Designer?
  • Becoming successful at selling and earning income as a designer. What plays part in seeing success?
  • How to overcome “Fear of Success”. Change your mindset and kick out those feelings of guilt, or how others’ negative comments make you feel. 
  • Learning how to understand the psychology of sales and gaining business skills to be successful.
  • Motivation! Surrounding yourself with positive peers who are at your same level of business growth.
  • Why having a mentor is invaluable. Know your value and the value of someone else.
  • How to stop worrying and start creating from within. What do you do if feel someone takes an idea from you?
  • I share four myths that come with quilt pattern design. 

1. I don’t have what it takes… Imposter Syndrome. 

2.The market is oversaturated and I have NO new ideas! 

3. Barriers… Intimidation of the process and learning new programs. Your mindset 100% affects your success

4. It will be cheaper if I figure it out on my own.

Show Notes

Want to learn more about the business of quilt pattern design? 

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