hiring Help for Pinterest With Shereece Spain

April 30, 2022

Hiring Help for Pinterest with Shereece Spain

Hiring Help for Pinterest with Shereece Spain

Hiring Help for Pinterest with Shereece Spain is a must listen to episode! Wondering why your business would benefit from Pinterest? Unsure of how to make Pinterest work for you? Maybe you have seen it’s value but are thinking this is an area that you would want to hire out? 

Shereece of Sew Hooked on Treasures has a talent for design and an eye for color and beauty. She is also a really skilled, organized business owner. Shereece is a Quilt Pattern Designer and a Pinterest Account Consultant who has a lot to offer. You are sure to find something that resinates with you in this episode, whether it’s Pinterest, relating to life circumstances, or hearing about another entrepreneurs journey. 

In this episode, Shereece shares:

  • Her story about how she became involved in the quilting world and how her career as evolved. 
  • She shares her story of becoming the breadwinner for her family, and how she does it all as a single mom. Shereece has a confidence in knowing she is exactly where she needs to be. She has found her talent and has fit her skills and desires into this entrepreneurial world.  
  • Explains her skill sets and her experience in designing.
  • Pinterest Accounts- how Shereece is helping Elizabeth run hers and how it has helped her business and what value she can bring to her clients. 
  • Pinterest is a search engine that lots of sales come from. Don’t miss this opportunity. How Shereece can take your business and help you increase revenue with Pinterest. 
  • The importance of a blog and how it allows for creating multiple URL’s for your products and services. This is essential for Pinterest. 
  • How Pinterest can be a powerhouse for sales.
  • She shares her journey on how she decided to niche into Pinterest.
  • If you were to hire her, she focuses on individual needs and prices accordingly. How do you go about hiring her?
  • Where she sees her business moving forward.
  • Shereece tells us all about her love for Pirates …and how this love is even evident in her logo! 

Show Notes

Where you can find more information about her patterns  what Shereece offers for those interested in Pinterest help:



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