Piecing on the Baby Lock Crescendo

July 21, 2022

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I’ve recently made a lot of projects using my Baby Lock Crescendo sewing machine.  Here’s my latest – piecing a wall hanging.  I’ve used the Crescendo for a couple quilting projects, but not any quilt piecing until now.

I was not disappointed.  As expected, the Baby Lock Crescendo worked great for piecing!  Here are a few of the features that I liked best as I made this Modern Prism wall hanging (pattern by Cotton & Joy for Quilters Candy Membership).

Pieced wall hanging

Laser Guide

This sewing machine has a laser.  Yep.  A laser. A laser that is adjustable to where you want it to be.  This made it so easy to keep a consistent ¼” seam.  I set the laser to line up with the ¼” guide on the needle plate.  Then it was super easy to line up the edge of my fabric along the laser.  

I needed a consistent  ¼” seam for the Modern Prism pattern I was using.  My blocks came out great and everything lined up perfectly in the end.  Using the laser really helped with keeping everything consistent.  

This feature would also be amazing if a pattern called for a scant ¼’ seam.  You can easily adjust the laser to the desired seam allowance.  Then just line up the edge of your fabric along the laser line as you sew.

Laser line

Quarter Inch Foot with Guide

The Baby Lock Crescendo has a ¼” presser foot with a guide.  This is also super helpful when piecing a quilt. If you don’t want to use the laser, you can use the edge of the presser foot – with the guide – to get the needed ¼” seam.  Or use them together for even more guidance for your perfect seam allowance.  Super easy!

Great Lighting

Lighting may be an often overlooked feature of sewing machines, but the Crescendo has great lighting around the needle and sewing area.  Several LED lights are perfectly placed around the sewing area to make it easy to see everything as you sew.  

This is a feature that I really appreciate as I typically need to use an additional lamp to provide adequate light when sewing on my sewing machine.  I didn’t need that extra light while piecing on the Crescendo.

Extension Table

I have a good size extension table on my Crescendo.  I love using the extension table to lay out pieces as I am sewing.  There is enough room to keep everything close by and organized.  

The extension table also provides a super smooth surface for fabric to glide across.  I did not have any issues with fabric pieces sticking or not moving easily as I pieced. 

All of these features work together to make the Baby Lock Crescendo a great choice for piecing a quilt!


If you want to see this machine and all others by Baby Lock, CLICK HERE.



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