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May 27, 2022

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Online Shop? Ideas For Success

Online Shop? Ideas For Success with Victoria of Midlife Quilter. Meet Victoria! Learn how Victoria become interested in quilting, about her love of fabrics, and her story and reasons why she decided to open an online shop. Not only does she have an eye for color and design (she did get a degree in Art History), but she has some great marketing ideas and ways she feels will help others who are also in the quilting industry. Find out how in this week’s Craft to Career Episode. 

In Episode 59, Online Shop? Ideas For Success, Victoria shares:

  • Hear her inspiring story of how she started quilting and decided to open an online shop.
  • What it was like being a fabric tester for Sharon Holland. How she got to know the quilting community through this and how this mentorship and experience was pivotal in starting her fabric shop.  
  • She loves fabric and color. How she decides on fabrics. She talks about her background, color theory and how color combinations create a mood.
  • What is required and her experience with opening different vendor accounts as a shop owner. 
  • Managing inventory and how she stays organized. 
  • What she does if a fabric isn’t seeming to sell well. How she is intentional in her fabric purchases and is true to her niche.
  • Her new marketing idea and the program that she has put together. Want to be a Sample Maker? Listen in to find out how she is creating new opportunities for creatives to be engaged in a bigger way in the quilting community. What a great way to engage with makers, network and collaborate! 
  • How she juggles a business, mom life and homeschooling her son. Victoria tries to be very intentional and has great organizational skills.  How protecting yourself from burnout is important as well as doing things that enhance your life and not drag you down.
  • Keeping a good attitude and striving for daily gratitude! Embrace and enjoy the good that you have- there is always a way to look at things in a positive light.

Show Notes

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