Working With An Illness

April 8, 2022

Working with an Illness

Working With An Illness

In this podcast episode, Working With An Illness, Elizabeth speaks with guests Belle of Seams So Me and Alexa of The Wannabe Grandma about their health challenges.  You’ll want to listen in and hear just how inspiring these ladies are, as they share how they manage their jobs while dealing daily with the effects of their autoimmune diseases. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones dealing with hard things… whether it’s a chronic illness, emotional struggles or other challenges, it can feel lonely. However, we aren’t alone. We all are going through something in our lives that others just might not see. Find out how, what traditionally could look like a frustrating set back, could actually be the catalyst for success! 

Elizabeth shares:

  • About how she has had to pace herself, learn about and understand her limitations and make adjustments, as she herself has dealt with the flairs of her autoimmune struggles. 
  • Giving ourselves room and the freedom to take time off and relax without the guilt.
  • Being transparent. How being open and honest with others about what you are struggling can create a safe place where we can gain support and help each other and not feel so alone in our struggles.

Belle shares: 

  • All About her autoimmune challenges and how she has had to adjust and move forward.
  • She shares tips on what helps when you aren’t able to ump in 100%.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself with others, especially those in your industry. Pacing yourself, understanding that everyone grows differently and giving yourself grace. Not feeling bad about going at a slower pace and taking your time- you can be more intentional. Embrace that. 
  • How she meets deadlines. What happens if you feel you can’t meet a deadline? How to avoid this.
  • The importance of having a positive mindset. Finding the good in the little things each day…keeping your joy!

Alexa Shares:

  • What she focuses on when she is not able to function normally due to her health. She shares what she does that helps her stand out when she can’t compete with the numbers games. Her strength- quality. 
  • How she organizes herself with two “To Do” lists to keep her motivated during times when she is feeling sick.
  • Mentally…how she deals with her struggles when she doesn’t perform at the level she desires. Being authentic and communicating value to your customers.
  • She shares about her patterns and what to look forward to in the future. 
  • Hear Alexa’s encouragement and tips for those who might fell they have limitations  

Show Notes

Where can you find Belle and Alexa?

Belle Brunner 

Alexa Magyari


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