WHERE IS SHE NOW: Follow Up Coaching Call with Erin Grogan

June 10, 2022

Cover photo Erin Grogan

You listeners have requested, and here we are! It has been almost a year since Erin and I have had our couching call. In this week’s podcast, WHERE IS SHE NOW: Follow Up Call with Erin Grogan, you will be delighted to hear about what has worked for her and how she has found success in her business. Wondering what advice she has implemented that has made a difference? What goals has she achieved over the past year? You’ll also want to know what Erin, of Love Sew Modern, has up her sleeve next!

Erin shares:

  • How her business is much different than it was a year ago! Hear her recap about what she has implemented and changed with success.
  • Elizabeth highlights the following areas where goals have been met and where she has seen improvement:


                  -Opt In Changes 

                  -Email List


  • What if you release a pattern, make sales, but nobody is posting about it? We talk about how to get that pattern and quilt out there! 
  • At the time of the first coaching call, Erin’s main source of revenue was sample sewing. Now it is her patterns and merging patterns with education. Hear what she means by this.
  • Sales… the up’s and the down’s… How this is expected and how she is now seeing consistent weekly sales between pattern releases. 
  • Hear about her relationship with Dandelion Fabric & Co. and how that resulted in an industry distributor reaching out to her and wanting to sell her patterns. Collaboration is always a win-win! Fun fact- Dandelion Fabric Co. found Erin through this podcast! 
  • Erin’s exciting announcements! HINTS: The most epic CRUISE quilting retreat is coming soon! A new book coming out soon? 
  • All about her patterns and momentum and her latest news and adventures with Quilters World Magazine and Modish Quilter. 
  • Wondering what Erin’s biggest game changers were? What has given her so much momentum and success? How letting go of fears and going all in on the one thing has lead to many opportunities that she wouldn’t have had if she would have held on to her fears. 
  • What’s on the horizon….

Show Notes

“Sometimes people have nerves about curves. Don’t worry- I’ve got your back!” -Erin

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