How to Work with Dream Collaborators

November 4, 2022

How to Work with Dream Collaborators

Join me for a candid conversation about something that is near and dear to my heart. Something that has actually come full circle. In this week’s episode, hear what I have learned about working with dream collaborators. Learn what a Dream 100 List is and how to identify your Dream 100.  How do you build connections and get in front of other’s audiences?  I explain how to reach out in ideal ways (and warn of some not so ideal ways). In this episode, I become vulnerable and share some cautionary tales from my own experiences as well as some great tips to help you expand your audience and grow as you find success in collaboration!

How to Work With Dream Collaborators

In this episode I cover how to work with your dream collaborator. 

  • Everyone wants to be seen. How do you correctly borrow someone else’s audience in a way that benefits you both? 
  • I share a cautionary tale from my own experience.
  • What is a Dream 100 list? I greatly admire Russell Brunson and I share some important things that I have learned through his books and through my own journey.

Here are some things TO do to appropriately reach out and to collaborate with those you admire and would love to work with:

  • Pick one or two from your list at a time and follow them. Study them. What do they have to offer? Opt- in, join or buy from them. 
  • Post, share and tell about this person in an appropriate manner- get on their radar.  
  • Be personable. Nothing beats personal connections. Learn good people skills. 
  • Be able to stand on your own two feet. Have something to offer that is quality and of good value. 
  • Know that a time will come for you to pitch or to reach out to this person with what you have to offer that will benefit their audience. You will be serving them, but this will also be swerving you too. 

Here are some things NOT to do when reaching out to your dream collaborators:

  • Don’t buy your way in thinking that they owe you. 
  • Don’t reach out and ask for favors! 
  • Attract and Repel those who are going to be your ideal client. I’ll explain. Part of the process is getting to know them and to see of you are a good fit.
  • Be careful in your way of thinking. Being business savvy is not being slimy. 
  • Don’t loose sight of those people who may not be on your top 100 list. Build connections and friendships. Don’t undermine those relationships. 

Show Notes

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