Baby Lock Sashiko Machine with Quilters Candy

April 6, 2021

Quilters Candy shares the Baby Lock Sashiko Sewing Machine


Let’s take a look at the Baby Lock Sashiko Sewing Machine. If you know me, you know that I am a BIG fan of Hand Quilting. SEE MY VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HAND QUILTING HERE.

Better Together Quilt by Quilters Candy

History of Sashiko Stitch

Sashiko in Japanese means, “little stabs,” or “little piercings”, and that’s just what the stitches look like. The Sashiko Stitch originated in Japan in the early 16oo’s.  It was traditionally made with white thread on Indigo cloth.  The Sashiko Stitch was used to strengthen fabrics or patch fabrics that had torn.


In 2009, Japanese owned company, Baby Lock, designed the first ever Sashiko Sewing Machine.  Using a single bobbin and needle, this machine imitates the hand stitching look.   “This is the first household sewing machine that can reproduce the look of traditional hand-work stitching.” BabyLock This is why I love the Sashiko machine.  You get the same hand quilt look with way less time. 

I’m no engineer, but it IS cool to see how with just the bobbin and this contraption near the needle, the hand quilting look is achieved. See photos below to see how the lever near the needle pulls the upper thread with every other stitch.

Baby Lock Sashiko Machine I am pointing so you can see the L Shaped lever that pulls that fabric. Baby Lock Sashiko Machine Here the lever is pulling NO fabric. Baby Lock Sashiko Machine If you look close, you will see that the L Lever has thread on it now.

Questions about the Sashiko Machine

  • Where can you get one? Find a retailer HERE.
  • Does this machine do any other stitches?
    • The Baby Lock Sashiko machine only does one stitch.  I consider this more of a bonus sewing machine.  It’s not used for piecing, but more decorative quilting and stitches.
  • What does the bottom of the quilt look like when you use the Sashiko Machine?
    Sashiko Sewing by Quilters Candy

    Front of Fabric with Sashiko Machine

    Sashiko Sewing by Quilters Candy

    Back of Fabric with Sashiko Machine

Video Of my Sashiko Machine

Take a look as I show you how the Baby Lock Sashiko Sewing Machine works.



Do you want a FREE Baby Lock Sashiko machine? Join the ‘Better Together’ Quilt Along.  The Grand Prize is a free Baby Lock Sashiko Sewing Machine. CLICK HERE to learn more and join over 800 quilters for the Quilt Along.

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