Meet My Team Part 1

January 6, 2023

Meet My Team Part 1

Do you wonder what it is like to run a business with employees…and what that might entail? Today I take you behind closed doors and introduce you to some of the ladies who work with me. In Episode 90, Meet My Team Part 1, I interview Jamie McPheeters, Shannon Boyer and Kelli Marshall (Part 2 I will include the rest of my team). As they share how I found them and what they do for me – my hope is that you will find this helpful when you are ready to hire in your own business. 

Meet My Team

Let me introduce you to:

Jamie McPheeters

  • Many of you may be familiar with Jamie. She came on as a Tech Editor for the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. She introduces herself and shares how long she has been quilting.
  • How I reached out to Jamie and what about her peaked my interest and the desire to help me with my business. 
  • Jamie shares her skill set. She has a Masters degree and worked as a CPA before her children were born. 
  • What she does for Quilters Candy…a lot! Some of her responsibilities are finance, the Membership, helps managing the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, assists with organization, pattern editing and cover quilts…etc
  • Jamie (like all of my employees) is an independent contractor. She shares some of her dreams for her own work and business. She would love to create a Tech Editing Course.

You can find more about Jamie and what she has to offer on Instagram @jamiesquiltstudio

Shannon Boyer

  • Shares how she first found out about me and a little bit about herself and her background and experience.
  • Shannon was a part of the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. She reached out to me to offer her skills and see if I needed assistance. Hear about her email approach and what she had in her favor that peaked my interest and what I found valuable.
  • The hiring process. How we met together and Shannon shared her course ideas, how we collaborated and seemed to mesh. 
  • What she sees herself doing more of in her own business.
  • Shannon shares some things she has learned working with me so far.

You can find out more of what Shannon has to offer on Instagram @shannonjuliathomas

Kelli Marshall

  • She shares the story of how we originally met back in 2016 when I was doing Quilters Candy Box. Kelli contributed a binding for one of my subscription boxes. 
  • How I brought Kelli on to the Quilters Candy Team and what she does to help me.
  • What some of her dreams are for her business as well as what she has found she really likes after being a small group leader for me- ghost writing. 

You can find Kelli and inquire about pre-made quilt binding or ghost writing on Instagram @simplymackbeth or on her website 



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