Connections and Collaborations

November 3, 2023

132. Connections and Collaborations (1)

connections and Collaborations

I’ve had this topic on my mind lately with many experiences that have gotten me to think about it over and over again. Most recently, Quilt Market and an Alumni dinner (that I plan to host every year- it was so much fun!). It was so nice to meet and interact with others in person. Zoom and social media is wonderful, but there is power in “in person” interactions and collaborations.  Friendships can be one of the best parts of running a business! So in episode 132, I share what is on my mind and what I feel is really important. Learn how to reach out and make connections. I share what to avoid and ways to approach collaborations so that you have more success. 

In this episode, I talk about the power of making connections and collaborations in the world of creative entrepreneurship. I cover the following:

  • I share my recent experiences, such as attending Quilt Market and hosting events at her home, where she met and made connections with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of building genuine connections and collaborations with others in the industry is emphasized, as it can lead to personal and professional growth.
  • I also discuss the value of reciprocity and paying it forward in business relationships, where helping others can lead to positive outcomes for all parties involved.
  • Also, I want to encourage  you listeners to show gratitude and appreciation by reaching out to someone whose product or service you’ve enjoyed by giving shout-outs to people you appreciate in your social media.
  •  Trusting your own value and believing in what you offer is crucial for success. I share the  importance of improving and refining the way you deliver your products or services.

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