Textile Artist and Social Gatherer

September 15, 2023

126. Textile Artist and Social Gatherer (2)

Textile Artist and Social Gatherer

Textile Artist and Social Gatherer: Textile Artist and Social Gatherer, Zak Foster, shares his perspective and story leaving his career as a high-school teacher to living his passion starting his own creative business. Feel his sincere love of the art and his passion for story telling and building community. Zak is the host of the Nook, a creative space for people to explore textiles and self-expression in a supportive community. He also enjoys using recycled materials in his quilts and story telling. I am excited to have him on the podcast! 

In this episode:

  • Zak introduces himself, shares what he does and what his crafty career is. Textile Artist, Social Gatherer, Family Historian and Story Teller and more! 
  • We chat about enthusiasm and the importance of loving what we are doing. He also shares about being intentional. When you are excited about what you are working on and doing, it is natural to talk about it. If not, that is a clue you should be rethinking things! 
  • Zak talks about the NOOK, making connections and encouraging others to be inspired to do their own thing as they feel the joy of community. 
  • He shares his path from a great teacher to following his passion for textile art. He speaks on how he is thankful for what he gained and learned from 18 years of teaching that has prepared him for his career today. At the time, he did not see these skills as marketable, but now see just how valuable they are! 
  • We speak on becoming an entrepreneur. I ask him if being a male presenting as a textile artist has been beneficial. He has never used his gender to intentionally cache in on that, however naturally, it may have some benefits. I ask if people are ever upset with him about charging for his membership. Does he ever get kickback? He is committed to keep his membership price low and accessible. Zak shares he’d like to have a menu of options for everyone. 
  • We talk podcasting!
  • How Met Gala was key to becoming a textile artist and stepping away from teaching. 
  • We talk about Social Media and how treating social media as a service to people you’re trying to connect to changes your perspective. Putting yourself in front of the camera can help you tell stories. He shares a tip: Learning how to look at the camera and not himself while recording social media was huge. 
  • Zak shares about the NOOK
  • He talks about some things he struggled with when changing careers. Zak shares about a self led life, re- examining himself each month, perfectionism, setting limits, work life balance and the importance of being around people sometimes. 
  • I asked if he writes quilt patterns, or what his process is. He shares how he tells stories with his work, especially with his family history, and then he uses that as a reflection point for current social issues.  Zak shares what he feels his call is right now and the pillars of his practice.
  • He shares advice from his heart for those wanting to start a creative career. 

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Loving this Podcast!

I stumbled upon this podcast accidentally ~ if you believe in accidents, that is. Each and every podcast offers insights and inspiration, as well as motivation to pursue my dreams of creating a business built around all things quilty! I joined the Quilt Pattern Writing Course today and I’m so excited to get started! Thank you, Elizabeth, for offering your Early Bird discount!


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