My Course Creation and Evolution

August 18, 2023

My Course Creation and Evolution

My Course Creation and Evolution

My Course Creation and Evolution: Join me, and Shannon Boyer, a content coach, as we unveil the exciting transformations that are taking place this year in The Quilt Pattern Writing Course. We delve into why we are making these changes as we pull back the curtain to give you a view of our thought processes, collaborative efforts and enhancements to the course.  

Have you been wondering what the Quilt Pattern Writing Course all about? This course is for those who are passionate and serious about quilt pattern writing and selling their patterns…for those who want to be efficient and design without limits! In the course, you will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, which are industry standards. Interested in Ghost Writing or Tech Writing? This will also be covered in this course as well, plus much, much more! Be sure to tune in as we dive into the core essence of what the The Quilt Pattern Writing Course is all about and you can determine if this course is for you! 

 Maybe you are interested in course creation yourself! If so, this episode contains valuable information for you! You will learn what our thought processes are and what we have done together to ensure a course that students will gain value, learn essential skills and find success to fulfill their dream as a quilt pattern writer. 


In this episode we give insight on:


  • I share 4 questions or pain points that I see quilters have when creating quilt patterns. I go into detail about: 1. Quilt math 2. Writing the instructions and making sure they are cohesive, concise and laid out well. 3. Creating graphics for your pattern that show how to make the quilt. 4. How to come up with creative and good design elements such as color theory and what is cohesive and on brand. 


  • Shannon Boyer joins me. We have looked microscopically at the Quilt Pattern Writing Course and she has helped me improve the course. She shares the story and reason she reached out to me after attending my course. Shannon shares what she does as a content coach.


  • We talk about some of the changes that are happening with the course, the process and how we came up with a curriculum for success. Feedback is very important when trying to improve and better a course.  We talk about what I have done to gain this information and filter it to create value.


  • The 2023 course is geared to those wanting to be professional. We are gearing our approach and our goals to tailor to your needs. To do this, I have taken the course to the next level. By hiring Shannon, a curriculum expert.


  • If you are creating a course, we share things that will be pertinent to consider when creating and continuing to improve your course over time. If you want to stand out, keep your excitement for the course, and give the best value to your students, you must level up. I suggest getting help from an expert.


  •  Shannon shares what a teacher can do to ensure their students are learning. She talks about the “I do, we do, and you do” technique. We also talk about the indicators to look for when you are needing to update a course. 

Shannon's Resources and Freebies

Be sure to take a look at what Shannon Boyer has to offer! She has some great Freebies including a coupon code for a free Discovery call. This call is not a sales pitch and there are no strings attached. She is also offering a discount on initial coaching services. These are some great opportunities that won’t last forever!  

You can find Shannon here:

If you are interested in taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, it opens just one time per year… and it is coming up soon! Registration is September 8th -14th, 2023. 

Here is the link for more information: Quilt Pattern Writing Course 

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