I’m Selling My Membership

August 4, 2023

I'm Selling My Membership

I'm Selling My Membership

I’m Selling My Membership: Liza Taylor of Liza Taylor Handmade is taking over my Membership! Liza shares how this all came to be. She will be taking over in October of 2023. We talk the nitty gritty details about selling part of your business. Wondering how one goes about doing this? Tune in as we talk about the process and share behind the scenes. Liza also share about what the new membership will look like. It is so exciting! 

In this episode Liza and I give details and insight on:

  • Talk about how I came to the decision that I needed to evaluate my priorities and narrow my niche further. I talk about why I decided to sell my membership, and Liza tells her perspective of how this all came about! 
  • I wanted to be sure that the membership stays around, because there is a lot of value in the community membership and my members are vested in it. I wanted the goodness to continue and continue in a way that the members would appreciate and be excited about. I share why I choose Liza!
  • We talk about what the selling process has been like and how exactly we are making the switch. There will be a transition period starting in October. In January it will be all Liza on her platform! 
  • We talk about what the Quilters Candy Membership is now, and what Liza will be focusing on in the new membership! Here is a hint: FPP!
  • Liza shares how she learned to do Foundation Paper Piecing and to write patterns for it. She explains how FPP will be a part of the membership, what you will get in her membership… and it is exciting!
  • She shares that her already released patterns will remain on her website. All of her new patterns, will be available in the membership. 
  • In October, monthly calls will be with Liza! She shares what she plans to do to teach. current members FPP. You’ll be hooked as soon as you try!
  • We talk about Liza’s bags. Her bags are trendy and her style is amazing! 
  • Buying a membership. How we are doing it and what that looks like from a payments standpoint. 
  • Liza shares will continue to open the membership just a few times a year. We talk about why. 
  • I give advice to those who are starting a membership, and how you can prepare yourself to potential sell it in the future, from the get go. It would be soo much easier this way!  
  • Watch for Liza’s new membership name…coming soon! 

Where Can You FInd Out More

I am so excited about this new membership and absolutely thrilled for the Quilters Candy Membership to be a part of it! She will do a fantastic job and you will love her! Keep an eye out for more information about the Membership! 

Take a look at what Liza has to offer:

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