Fast and Easy Split Quarter Square Triangles

February 28, 2023

Split Quarter Square Triangles Blog Post

Hi everyone! I am Deidre, the pattern designer and quilter behind Lila Bean Quilts. I am thrilled to be a guest blogger for Elizabeth’s blog.

Learn a little about me. I am a wife and mother of 3 small children in North Carolina. Before staying at home with my kids I worked as a Registered Nurse. I have been making quilts for over 10 years. My passion for quilting has turned into my night job since my day job is taking care of the kids.

I released my first pattern, Primley, in March 2022. The Primley quilt pattern gave me the push I needed to do more in the quilting realm. 

I am going to show you how to make a Split QST using my Ultimate Quarter Square Triangle Chart.

Grab my free ultimate quarter square triangle chart. The best part about the chart? The math is already done for you!  It will give you the measurements for cutting and trimming any type of QST. With one chart you can make 4 different kinds of QST’s!

Making a Split Quarter Square Triangle (Split QST) has never been more simple. Follow along and you will be done in no time. A QST consists of 2 Half Square Triangles (HST). This Split QST is 1 HST plus a solid square. 

What you will need:

1.     The first step in making a Split QST is making a HST. After downloading the Ultimate Quarter Square Triangle Chart, locate the finished size you would like to achieve. You will need to cut 2 colors for your HST and 1 color for the other half of your Spilt QST.

Keep in mind that 1 HST makes 2 QST.

Step 1


On one of your two squares, draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric. Place your squares right sides together (RST) and sew ¼”, on both sides of your drawn line.

Step 2

3.    Next you will cut along the line that you drew. After your cut is made, press open your seams. When making HST it’s best to make sure all seams are pressed in the same direction. Pressing seams in the same direction makes all your HST look uniform. If you want to decrease stretching the fabric when ironing, try finger pressing your seam open before pressing with an iron. It works like a dream!

Step 3

Now you have 2 HST!


You are almost to the finish line! A few more steps and you will be a Split QST expert.               To finish your Split QST, take your third square and draw a line corner to corner and sew ¼” along both sides of your drawn line. Be sure to sew your line perpendicular to the seam of your HST.

Step 4

5.    As you did when making the HST, you will cut along the drawn line. Do not press seams open. Your 3rd block you sewed on will be bigger than your HST. NO WORRIES! It’s supposed to be that way. Cutting all the squares to one size at the beginning helps streamline your process.


6.     Take a peek at your Ultimate Quarter Square Triangle Chart and find your finished size and see what size your Spilt QST should be trimmed to. 

Depending on what kind of ruler you have to trim HST, determine if you will press open your seam or if you will leave it as a triangle while trimming. I personally love using the Clearly Perfect Slotted Timmer. Not only is using the Clearly Perfect Slotted Timmer quick and easy but it is also a huge time saver.

Step 6 of Creating split quarter square triangles


7.     Press open your seams and VOILA you have finished making your Split QST. Congratulations! You can now configure them in a variety of different ways to make new quilt blocks!

Step 6 of Creating Split Quarter Square Triangles

Deidre Wilson

On Instagram: @lilabeanquilts



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