Improve your Public Speaking with Heather Sager

October 22, 2021

Improve your Public Speaking with Heather Sager. Every business owner needs to know how to speak in front of people.  You might be doing a class, presentation, or even just an Instagram Live.  Either way, knowing how to capture your audience is key!  Do you want to learn how you can be a more effective communicator? Heather Sager is a Public Speaking Coach that works with entrepreneurs who are developing an online presence. She helps them develop their ability to be magnetic, persuasive and comfortable in talking about their expertise. Heather can drive results and help your audience to see value in their interactions with you. Learn from Heather as she shares all about how to improve your public speaking.

Heather and Elizabeth discuss:

  • Storytelling and how it can drive engagement and be a great strategy when speaking to your audience
  • What “stage” are you showing up on right now for your business? How and where do you talk about your business? The way we deliver information matters. Is it compelling? Does it make them feel excited? Show up with your voice! It is a great way to connect and add value with your customers. Heather talks about becoming a more effective and persuasive communicator 
  • Communicating the value of what you are offering. How to sell a product and add value through what you are saying. The sequence of your content paints a picture for a person to develop a desire for that product or service you are offering. Find out how to do this!
  • What Heather feels helped her business and her audience to grow 
  • Heather shares about her Speak Up to Level Up program she developed
  • She talks about relationship based marketing and how building those relationships is important
  • Who Heather’s mentors have been and what she has done to invest in her personal and business growth
  • She talks about confidence!

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