Quilting Career + Business Coaching with Jemima FlEndt

June 20, 2022

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Quilting Career + Business Coaching with Jemima Flendt

In this week’s Craft to Career episode, Quilting Career + Business Coaching with Jemima Flendt, hear about Jemima’s journey as a creative entrepreneur. Jemima is an Australian quilter, a quilt pattern designer, author and teacher.  Not only will you learn about her and the road that lead Jemima to her own business, but you will also gain insight into Jemima’s success.  We talk goals and ways to keep growing her business. Learn how you too can glean from the tips and strategies that are shared, as I do a little coaching as well. 

We talk about the following on this Quilting Career + Business Coaching with Jemima Flendt podcast:

  • How Jemima came from a creative and crafty family which naturally lead to her passion for quilting. She shares the story of her first quilt that she made as a child. 
  • She went from Primary School teacher, to High School Home Economics teachers, where she ended up teaching Textiles. This is where her passion for quilting grew.
  • How she started writing patterns on the side and how eventually the idea of owning her own business won her heart. 
  • The importance of Quilt Market and how the connections made there are beneficial to growing business. How collaborations have been worthwhile for her business.
  • Highlights of her business. What is going well and what areas she is wanting to see growth. Her third book will be released soon! 
  • What two things have been the most lucrative for her. 
  • Her experience being a quilter living outside the United States. How she doesn’t let her situation dictate success and how her differences allow her to stand out. 
  • What 3 areas she is wanting to grow her business. 
  • How she has tried to grow her email list and what ideas I have to share to help it grow. Facebook Ads are included in this!
  • What brings her the greatest joy in quilting.
  • Creating courses- advice and tips on creating digital/online courses.
  • A piece of advice for newer entrepreneurs. Hint- Dream Big…Start Small. 

Show Notes

  1. Phone tripod I mentioned is CANVAS BRAND 
  2. The FACEBOOK ADS website I mentioned. 
  3. Link to Kajabi 
  4. Free Canva Mini Course
  5. Where you can find Jemima Flindt: Newsletter Link
    Instagram page – @tiedwitharibbon 


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