How and WHen to Hire Someone

November 19, 2021

Craft To Career Podcast How and When to Hire Someone

How and when to hire someone

Are you thinking of hiring someone to help you with your business?  Do you wonder if it’s the right time, or how to find someone? How do you train them, and figure out how to pay them? Even if you feel you aren’t yet at this point in your creative business- you will be! Start thinking big, believe in yourself and do the things to help you grow. This podcast will help you to recognize when it is time for some help and give you some guidance as I share how I have gone about this. Tune in to get some tips and good information on how and when to hire help.

In this podcast I cover:

  • Who I have hired! Here is a list of where I have asked for help. Hopefully this will get you thinking about where it is that you could free up some time and headspace…  

I’ve hired a Bookkeeper     

Someone to help with Facebook ads

A  company to help with SEO and affiliates

I have someone that takes care of my product shipments

I’ve hired someone to help with my crazy email inbox, membership and Instagram posting

Pinterest help

I have someone who edits my podcasts for me

  • How to prepare to hire! Make a list of things you feel you could hand off and then create documents, videos etc as you work so that you have training material ready to go! 
  • Hiring- How do you find them? I talk about who to hire, communication, shadowing etc 
  • Finally I talk some basic legalities when you have Employees and or Independent Contractors 


Show Notes

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Review of the week

 Bonnie Osness
Owner and Designer of LAKEGIRLQUILTS

I just wanted to reach out, and let you know I love and am addicted to your podcast!  I’ve listened to each episode at least twice, many of them several times!  You’re in my ear on my commute each day, and when I’m out walking.  There’s so much great information that I’ve learned, I can’t even begin to tell you how inspired I’ve become. I started my little business in January, as a side hobby.  I am so happy with my growth in general, but especially since I discovered you in August.  I credit a lot of it to the ideas I’ve learned from you and implemented.


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