Week 4 Front Porch QAL

October 25, 2021

Front Porch Quilt Along week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Front Porch Quilt Along.

This week we are working on assembling our quilt tops.  One thing you will notice that’s a bit unique with this pattern is that you will be putting columns together first, and THEN rows.

This is because each column has block going in a different direction.  Notice in the photo below how the left column is sewn together.  After each column is sewn together, then columns will be sewn together to make a completed quilt top.


I experimented with adding fill to my triangles for the Quilt Along, and I will admit: I LOVE IT!

Here are my tips:

  1. When adding fill, push it to the bottom of your triangle piece.
  2. Pin your triangle closed.
  3. Then pin the top Flying Geese block RST.
  4. Sew with a ¼” as usual, and when you’re done and you remove the pins, the fill will even out and not stay at the bottom of your flying geese block.

The fill I used is Pellon brand, ‘Perfect Loft’ and is a 32 oz. bag, which will be MORE than enough for the baby size quilt.  It would work for the larger size, too.


Besides using the Pellon polyester fill, you could use beads to make a weighted blanket.

I have also seen a few quilters cutting triangle pieces of batting to fill their flying geese blocks.


When piecing your quilt top, you can either:

  1. Keep your quilt top layed out on the floor or design wall and take your pieces to your machine one at a time, so you keep them in the right order.
  2. Or you can collect each row in order and label your columns.

I did the 2nd option for my QAL quilt.  I gathered each column keeping the bottom block on top.  Each block after that went to the bottom of my pile. 

Now when I go to sew my columns together I will start with the bottom block and one-by-one sew my flying geese together.  I will end with the top block for each row.

I used ‘Seams Sew Me’s alphabet clips to label each column. 

Sewing Columns Together

Once your columns are pieced, it’s time to sew each column together to make your completed quilt top.

My biggest tip here is to use pins.  Pin each corner of each Flying Geese block together when sewing columns together.

I know, it’s a lot of pins.  But it will really make a difference in having your corners match. 

Also, if your corners don’t match perfectly, it’s okay!  One of the bonuses of the scrappy background is that it is very forgiving.  The eye focuses on the flying geese, not the background fabric. So you will be the only one who notices if your points aren’t perfect.


Congratulations to Shevaun of @pinsandpouches who won 3 FREE MONTHS in the Quilters Candy Membership!

This is the post and photo that won her this prize.

Front Porch Quilt Along Winner


Free Long Arm Edge to Edge Quilting by Jill of J Coterie. She’s AMAZING, y’all!  She also will share a 15% discount for all participants, as well.

Here’s a look at the custom quilting she did for my original Front Porch Quilt.

Front Porch Quilt



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