Branding Help with Sarah Ann Design

May 20, 2022

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Branding Help with Sarah Ann Design

You won’t want to miss listening to this week’s episode: Branding Help with Sarah Ann Design! Sarah shares all the in’s and out’s of branding and design and is an absolute wealth of knowledge in this design industry. Hear about her background and the story of how Sarah started her career and became a branding expert. Learn what she can do to help you create a brand and a website that is specific to you, your clients/customers and your business goals. Do you want to know how to better define your brand and attract your target audience? Sarah share answers to several helpful questions and gleans must know information for anyone who owns or is starting up their business.  

Sarah shares:

  • How she got started in her career and what she loves about working in this design industry.
  • Find out how she marketed her business and what she recommends for new business owners.  See what your potential could be.
  • What is a brand board? Why would a company want a brand board?
  • All about logos! What makes a good logo? Simple is often best. 
  • Web design platforms and what she prefers. What happens if you want to change platforms – can you do that? 
  • What her website  recommendations are for those who are just starting out. Giving yourself room to grow. Start simple. Again, simple is best. She talks about the difference between Square Space and Shopify.
  • Must know advice and tips to improve your branding. Including defining the strategy behind your brand. She covers the Two Pillars that you should be thinking about with your brand. First– Defining 3 keywords that represent the core of your brand. Second– Thinking like your ideal client or customer.
  • If you’re just beginning… picking colors and fonts and how consistency is key. 
  • The importance of photos and how to get good ones! The 3 components of a brand, what to tell your photographer and the 3 types of images you want on your website. 
  • What are the biggest things that get in the way of good branding?

Show Notes

Do you have more questions? Do you think you might be interested in hiring Sarah?

Here is where can you find more information about Sarah Ann Design:

Sarah Ann Design Co

You can find all of her resources listed on my links page:

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