Success is Not Correlated With Effort

July 5, 2024

Episode 161

Success is Not Correlated With Effort

Success is not correlated with your effort. We talk about the belief, this fallacy. We don’t have to kill ourselves to get the results that we want in our business. 

In this episode Elizabeth gives insight on:

  • How to not become overwhelmed and burnt out. Breaking things down and doing one thing at a time can help. For example, when you have a new business, the first thing you may want to do is come up with your product. Second, figure out your fulfillment system. Third, implementing a marketing plan. Fourth, Create an email template and change what is in each section each week. 
  • Creating templates and systems to save time and work. For example, you can create a weekly email template: Section one- A free tip or tutorial. Second two a new product. Section three- something personal. Etc… break it down and do one thing at a time. Creating formulas and systems makes it easier for you. 
  • Only do what you are aligned with. When you love what you are doing, work feels like less. Learn to say no to things that don’t align with what you want to do.  
  • Creativity and more success comes from having less on your plate. More work doesn’t equate to more success. Try this mindset switch and implement what we talk about! See for yourself how these things will improve your success. 

Things that have hired out that have been so helpful. 

  1. Paying people to make my quilt tops.
  2. My emails/inbox
  3. Facebook Ads 
  4. I have a CPA 
  5. Podcast show notes and editing.
  6. Order fulfillment
  • What is your signature thing? What is it that only you can do? What do you bring to the table and that earns you money? Put your time, talent and energy into this, and then hire out the rest. How can you get the same results by doing less work yourself? 
  • When you open up more mental space to explore and be creative and have fun, business gets better! Stop comparing, investigate what is stressing you out, figure out what you can control.
  • Be selective with the things that you do with your time. You can have more fun and find more joy when you do things that light you up and matter in most in your business. Our success is not tied to our effort.

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