A Cool Niche: Quilting for Spanish Speakers

March 8, 2024

Episode 146

A Cool Niche: Quilting for Spanish Speakers with Lina Owen.

Quilt Pattern Writing Course alumni, Lina Owen, is narrowing her niche and it’s so cool! Lina’s first language is Spanish, and she has seen and felt the void of Spanish quilt patterns and quilting classes. Through her creative business, Lina is providing for quilters who wouldn’t normally be able to quilt because of a language barrier.
It can be scary to narrow your niche, but it really is the best way to grow your business. It’s also a great way to have a business you are passionate about. 
See what amazing things are coming up with Lina Owen in the Craft to Career Podcast.

In this episode Lina gives insight on:

  • The journey of finding her why. She shares her niche and her why and what she is doing to unify the hispanic community.
  • She created the first Spanish Quilting Retreat in Hamilton, Missouri, where 26 women from around the world participated. This will now be an annual retreat and Lina shares who will be a guest at the next one! 
  • Lina’s podcast, Descrupe el Quilting, is a gateway to reach out and to unify the hispanic community. She has 66 episodes so far, and it has opened so many doors!
  • How she started this process and is bringing value to the hispanic community.
  • She speaks on her Instagram account for the podcast, her main goal, and how she has found so may Spanish speaking people who are wanting to create or are already quilters. 
  • Lina shares what the most rewarding and successful thing she has experienced so far.
  • She shares what her biggest struggles have been and details some of her health challenges that have caused her to pivot.
  • Lins is opening a bilingual sewing studio! Her first class is March 2, 2o24. She is hosting guest teachers as well as teaching her self, to all ages, including children. See links below for details! 

Where can I find out more?

Take a look at Lina’s resources:

Find out more about her Saturday in person classes on her website. 


  1. Becky of Sew Forever
  2. Alexis Galloway of Sew Sweet Academy 
  3. Ellene
  4. Sarah of Sarah XO Clark
  5. Aynex of Aynex Quilts 

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