Success Stories

I am just so grateful to have taken the pattern writing course and launch my business.

I have always been a wanderer of sorts, looking for a passionate career path, and the pattern writing course gave me the skills to finally go after what I had been longing for. I launched my first pattern in Feb 2022, and by summer, I was able to buy myself a used van. This was a goal down the road, and I never thought I would have reached it within six months.  

Maude Macdonald

The Retro Quilter

Helped ME find My strengths and what makes me stand out.

I had already released a quilt pattern but was feeling lost. I'm so glad I invested in myself by taking the course! Elizabeth taught us the skills and steps needed to design and write a great pattern and helped us find our strengths and explore the style and voice that makes us stand out as unique artists. She was deeply committed to our success, demonstrated by her approachable demeanor, availability to answer questions, and desire to get to know each of us. I left the course with more confidence in my work, a great group of cohorts and friends, and the success I’ve hoped for, all of which I owe Elizabeth and the course.


Sweet Potato Quilts

I improved my workflow and offer my customers a much better product

Elizabeth creates a wonderful learning environment where the sharing of ideas is not only welcome but encouraged. Her open style of teaching and warm personality create an amazing space where she, her staff and students all encourage each other to succeed. Elizabeth has laid out an amazing roadmap to follow. I personally got a much needed boost by learning many new technology skills that I had not yet implemented into my business. By combining Illustrator, In Design and EQ8 I have been able to improve my workflow and offer my customers a much better product. 


The Vintage Spool

"If you invest in yourself and in your education by taking this course, and then IMPLEMENT and use what you learn- I promise it will be well worth your time and money!"

Kiley Ferons

"The course takes you through so many aspects of pattern writing process, from marketing to branding, to learning about distributors to the lasting friendships that are formed. "

Belle Brunner

"QPWC is an investment in yourself and in your business that is truly worthwhile. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take the next step to grow their craft into something more."

Abby Luchsinger

Modish Quilter Magazine

Seams Sew Me

Abby Maed

...have been steadily growing since taking the course. 

I have been steadily growing it since taking the course. Just this year I launched my first quilt-along, and it's not a simple quilt. It's a quilt design that I was worried would be too complicated for my customers, but thanks to the course I stayed true to my design aesthetic and niche- The quilt-along has been wildly popular for the first one I've ever done.

Julia Wachs

Julia Wachs Designs

Take the course.
you won't regret it. 

Taking Quilters Candy's pattern writing course was the best investment I made when I started out as a quilt pattern designer. I learned how to write a pattern, how to use Adobe, branding, EQ8, and so much more. Honestly, the friendships I made and the tools that I learned made this course invaluable to me as a quilter and designer."

Jessica rose

Quiltd Studio


The best part about the Quilt Pattern Writing Course was the support from both Elizabeth and the alumni. Elizabeth was a patient, down-to-earth teacher who took the time to answer all the questions we had and was always encouraging. The alumni group is also incredibly supportive - answering questions and being each other's cheerleaders as we are beginning to release our own patterns in the world.

Amanda Loewen

Prairie Quilt Co.

"Since taking this course, my patterns are now in distribution; I've added 2 other revenue streams in the quilty industry outside of just quilt patterns, I've participated in quilty podcast interviews, and I started a growing email list!"

Shereece Nicole

"Elizabeth’s course was the best course I could have taken to advance my career as a pattern writer. I didn’t know where to start, and her course taught me everything I needed to know. It is incredibly comprehensive and answers all your questions. I am so glad I took this course, it has opened so many doors for me and totally changed my life!"


I honestly don't know if I would have started my business without taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course! Only a few months after taking the course I released my first pattern, started my email list, and was selling my patterns to distributors and wholesalers. Now, years after taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, I still love what I am doing and am so thankful this course gave me the confidence, skills, and knowledge to begin. Elizabeth's knowledge in the quilt industry is so helpful. She is very generous in sharing what she has learned - she is a wealth of knowledge and her passion for business is obvious in her teaching.


Sew Hooked On Treasures

Liza Taylor Handmade

Plains and Pine

Since taking the course, my patterns are cleaner and more cohesive. I feel that my audience benefits from the clarity! 

Meghan Morris

A Piece of Quiet Quilts

"Hands down, one of the most accepting and encouraging communities that I've walked into! The structure of having a small group to work with was an amazing aspect to the whole course process. My leader really truly cared about our journey each week and did a fantastic job guiding us."

Maelynn Wood

"This course taught me exactly what I needed to learn in order to write professional quilt patterns. There are so many details to programs like Illustrator and InDesign, but the QPWC broke it down to what I needed to know for this one specific task - quilt pattern writing. Being super focused on this one thing made it easy to learn."

Leslie Rutland

"Elizabeth is so open with her students and truly wants them to have success in the industry! She not only answers questions throughout the course, but continues to be a resource and provide opportunities for her past students."

Katherine Curtsinger

Mae Just Sew

The Seasoned Homemaker

It's Only Fabric and Thread

It gave me everything I needed to know to write my own patterns.

As a business, before this course, my fabric shop focused on carrying knit fabrics. This was great but I wanted to be able to start offering quilting cottons as well. Since we print our own designs, I thought it would be a great addition to start offering quilt patterns with them. After this course, I was able to do just that and have released 2 patterns in the span of 8 months alongside our new fabric collections. Personally, this course has given me the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams of being a well-rounded designer in the fabric world! I am so proud to not only be a fabric shop owner and fabric designer but now also a quilt pattern designer thanks to Elizabeth's course!   

Sharon Gunawan

Prairie Love Knits

The technical instruction is invaluable.

This course took me from "I'd like to design quilt patterns" to "I'm a quilt pattern designer." Simple words, but huge impact in my attitude and in my business.

Staci Wendland

Crafty Staci

A great way to learn the industry standard

"In the first year after taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, I published 3 patterns. My Instagram following and email list grew with her tips. The Quilt Pattern Writing course is a great way to learn the industry standard for writing quilt patterns and Elizabeth is a great resource for building your Quilt business.


Tia Curtis Quilts

"Since finishing the course, I've had the skills and confidence to approach fabric companies and influencers in the industry about collaborations...and they've said yes! I have a product that meets industry standards, and a workflow that allows me to balance creativity and productivity."

Amy Lollis

"There are many ways to earn money as a quilter, and you will learn a lot about those from this course. The marketing section alone was worth the money and time I invested in this course, and it can applied to any aspect of your quiltey business in addition to trying to sell patterns. "

Sarah Fulks

"I appreciate how genuine and kind Elizabeth is. She isn't perfect, and that's fantastic because nobody is, especially not me. I love the open discussion and learning from each other that her courses and programs provide. There is almost an introduction to what a mastermind feels like. "

Nicole Vieira

Happy Hippie Studio


Vieira Artistic Designs

Taking The Quilt Pattern Writing Course for me was a really game change for my craft career business.

Tânia Mogari

Tânia Mogari Quilter

Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students

The quilt pattern writing course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to write quilt patterns or improve the patterns they already have. Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed.  

Jenny Unger

Fab Fabric Girl

"When I decided to start a business in the quilting world, it was an easy decision to sign up for Elizabeth's course. I knew having a successful quilting business was more than just writing pattern - it's about understanding online entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing, and having the right tools (like Adobe!) The QPWC set the foundation for my business, and as a bonus it helped create a support system of awesome quilters who are on this journey with me. I wouldn't be where I am today without it. 

Radha Weaver

"Taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course with Elizabeth was one of the best investments I've made in myself and my business. I was able to refine by niche. I was so inspired by the niche lessons that I designed over 15 patterns that aligned with my niche. These patterns turned into my first book, Retro Curved Pieced Quilts. I would highly recommend the Quilt Pattern Writing Course with Elizabeth to anyone who is serious about wanting to grow a career in the Quilting Industry or is ready to take their pattern design business to the next level.   "


"Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are industry standards, and this course makes using them approachable and understandable. I waited a year to be able to take your course (I had JUST missed the deadline when I discovered the course), and it was SO worth the wait!

Erin Tame

Sewing Through Fog

Love Sew Modern

Intuitive Maker

The community aspect of the Course was a must

The community aspect of the Course was a must to consolidate everything that had been learnt during the week prior. Chatting through any questions I had, hearing others' questions or insights that I hadn't considered and being able to encourage my peers and likewise, to be encouraged, was invaluable. We still catch up once a month! It's become a fun time to encourage and cheer each other on this journey together.

Julie Robertson

Sublime Stitchery

This brought a new life to me

Taking this class was so empowering. As a mom, it sometimes feels like that is the only thing that defines me. While that is an huge part of who I am, I needed to know that there were other things that make me who I am. This brought a new life to me and I was so excited to work on the homework every week. If you are on the fence, please take the class! It will help you feel more like “you.”

Kaycee Goerg

Sew & Sew Quilting Co.

Things I always dreamed of doing are now happening

I have been quilting since high school and have always wanted to write patterns, but I didn't know where to start. I needed to learn how to put my designs into instructions others could follow. I am thankful I took the leap and signed up for Elizabeth’s Quilt Pattern Writing course.
I now design and write my patterns and know marketing to sell them. I have written over ten patterns in the last two years, launched a course, and had multiple brand partnerships. Things I had always dreamed of doing as a quilt pattern designer are now do-able with Elizabeth's guidance. 

kelsey swatskey

White Rose Designs

It is definitely well worth the money

If you want to do anything in the realm of pattern designing, the Quilt Pattern Writing Course is the way to go. From learning about what to include in a pattern, how to write it, how to make diagrams to learning about additional aspects of pattern marketing. Elizabeth does a fabulous job with her tutorials, Q&A sessions and all the extras. It is definitely well worth the money and will pay for itself with future pattern sales.

Lisa Visel

Mountain View Quilts

"The QPWC opened up my eyes to new aspects of pattern writing I didn't realize I liked or needed. I thought I was fine only knowing Illustrator, but learning InDesign opened up great opportunities with me offering Ghost Writing and Tech Editing services. Learning these industry standards more fully has upped my professional credibility and offered opportunities for me that have helped me narrow my niche."

Kelli Marshall

"I recommend this course to quilters of any stage. Elizabeth breaks down the steps of pattern writing in a basic way for new pattern writers, but also provides more in-depth teaching for those who are more familiar with pattern writing. I highly recommend the course for the community aspect and the friendships/collaborations that occur when you get to know other quilters in a supporting way."

Mallory Smith

"This has been an amazing journey and is just the start of what I know will be a fantastic quilt pattern writing business and, long term, some ghostwriting. All thanks to Elizabeth and her fantastic course."

Tish Dunham

Simiply Mackbeth Design Co.

Fieldstone Fabric

Iconic Quilts

I couldn't recommend this course more.

For quilters who are ready to go all in with design, writing & releasing patterns and truly taking his or her business to a professional level, I couldn't recommend this course more. The sessions touch on so many needed skills. I have referred back to the sessions multiple times and rewatched numerous sessions until I obtained the skills presented. It's an investment and it's worth it to learn how to use industry standard software instead of free software that might just miss the mark sometimes. 

Ann Skaehill

Crafty Moose Quilts

I have seen growth in myself as a creator

My business started after I took this course. I have seen growth in myself as a creator, my talents as a quilter, and really found my style. I still love fabric and branch out at times, but I really have seen that sticking with a certain style, I end up having a greater love for those projects. 

Emily Maxwell

Martha Jane Creations

Elizabeth was always available to help and give answers

Elizabeth was always available to help and give answers where she could. She has been my biggest cheerleader moving forward in my career and feel like she wants to see me succeed. But what impresses me the most, this past fall I was hired to be a facilitator for one of the accountability pods in her pattern writing course and I was able to see first hand all the upgrades she did to the course in just one year. I feel like Elizabeth is always trying to improve what she is putting out into the world.  I know that when I invested in Elizabeth’s courses it was an investment in myself. 

Hillary Cooper

Quilt Berry Hill Designs

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