How He Turned Quilting Into A Career with Giucy Giuce

January 28, 2022

How He Turned Quilting Into A Career with Giucy Giuce

How He turned quilting into a career with Giucy Giuce

On the podcast this week, How He Turned Quilting Into a Career with Giucy Giuce, Giuseppe shares his journey into the quilting world. He found his passion for quilting while working as an actor in Chicago. Giuseppe started trying to build a name for himself and decided to move back to New York, where he grew up, to see if he could make a career in the fabric industry. He started working at Andover in their marketing department and eventually became a fabric designer. Join in and hear his inspiring story and insights in the world of quilting and design! 

In this episode, Elizabeth and Giuseppe talk about:

  • Fabric Design! How he comes up with his pattern ideas and how he gets his creativity ultimately on fabric! 
  • The areas and aspects of his career that he enjoys and ways he applies them to earn income. How he’s integrated different interests into his career.
  •  He talks about pattern writing.
  • What type of things do companies look for in a fabric designer? If you want to make a name for yourself as a fabric designer- you need to have something different to say. Hear his insight.
  • They speak on authenticity. Here is just some of his advice: Design from your heart and if its truly you, you will always be unique and authentic. 
  • Hear what he has to say to all of the listeners wanting to start a business. 
  • Trusting your gut, being okay with things that take time and finding the enjoyment in what you’re doing. 
  • Want to hear his dream of dreams and where he sees himself eventually? 

Show Notes

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