Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern Corrections and Updates

Check here for Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern corrections or updates.  From time to time an error isn’t caught before printing a pattern.  If those are found, I will share the corrections here.

If you catch an error in a pattern, please email me at quilterscandybox@gmail.com and let me know.

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Better Together Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern

Better Together Beginner Friendly Quilt Pattern

If pattern was purchased before August 2020:

1. On page 3, Step 2, part II it should say to use (6) Fat Quarters.
In a prior version of the pattern, it said to use more than 6 Fat Quarters for this step.

2. On the top of page 3, it should say: From Colored HST fabric, cut (39) 8″ squares total instead of (40) total.


Snow Globes Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern

Snow Globes Quilt Pattern for Quilters Candy

If purchased BEFORE February 15th, 2020:

1. Under Cutting Fabric, Fabric F, Step 3, change:
* (3) 3 ½” x WOF strips, subcut (3) strips into (32) 3 7/8” squares to be
(3) 3 7/8” x WOF strips subcut (3) strips into (32) 3 7/8” squares

2. Change Fabric Requirements for Fabric F to be 2 ½ Yards. 


Wishing Well Quilt Pattern

Wishing Well Quilt Pattern

Under Fabric Requirements, change Fabric B, Background Fabric Requirements for the 4 ½” squares to be:

Baby – (48) 4 ½” Fabric B Squares
Throw – (120) 4 ½” Fabric B Squares
Queen – (252) 4 ½” Fabric B Squares


Vienna Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern

Vienna Quilt Pattern Cover for Quilters Candy

Under ‘Fabric Requirements’ for Fabric B it says to cut (2) 14″ squares.  You only need one, as shown in the Cutting Fabric image.

Bowtie Flowers Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern

On old versions of the pattern, Page 2 instructs you to cut (128) 2 1/2” squares. It should be 4 1/2” squares. 

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