From TV Broadcaster to Crafterpreneur

September 23, 2022

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As a creative business owner, have you questioning yourself, wondering should I be doing this? Am I crazy? Feelings of insecurity can absolutely be normal when starting a business. Learn what it looks like to be an entrepreneur and love what you do! In this episode, From TV Broadcaster to Crafterpreneur with Jennifer Tryon, find encouragement and motivation as she shares her story of leaving her career to follow her heart into doing something she loves- crafting.

From TV Broadcaster to Crafterpreneur

On this episode of Craft To Career, Jennifer shares the following:

  • What Jennifer wants her listeners to glean from- her overarching message. 
  • What does Jennifer offer? How exactly she transitioned from a news reporter to crafts on tv and live on Facebook.She married her passion and career into a new job that she loves!
  • She shares about the top selling/money generators of her business. Learn about her online virtual retreats plus her highly anticipated, shopping frenzy, Market Place Sales that are exclusive to her retreats! 
  • How she came to be a National TV Reporter.
  • How and why she decided to pivot into following her heart and love for crafting. Hear about her process of transitioning and how she came to do what she loves. 
  • From basement recording studio to a new store and filming studio! Celebrating milestones and how learning, work, pushing on, and time will bring you success. Don’t compare yourself to others’ journeys. 
  • If you have a fire in your belly and you love something, the work feels different. Doing your passion fells different than doing someone else’s passion. 

Show Notes

Where can you find more about Jennifer Tryon and her business, Homemade?

For sewing, quilting, crafting and all things creative, click below.


Instagram: @Jennifer_Tryon and Facebook Tryon Handmade

Jennifer will be holding an Online Quilting Retreat- Stargazer on October 14, 2022. There is a limited number of seats. If you’d like to register, use discount code PODCAST for a limited time! 

To find out more about this quilting retreat click HERE

To register for the Online Quilting Retreat- Stargazer click HERE




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