‘Bundles Of Joy’ Quilt Pattern

March 20, 2020

Quilt on a wall with a yellow chairin front of it. The quilt has colorful fabric bundles tied with ribbons

Behind The Scenes of my Bundles Of Joy Quilt

I am sharing all about my Bundles Of Joy Quilt.  What fabrics did I use, and why.  Plus, what ARE these bundles of joy? You can get the pattern HERE. 

What ARE The Bundles Of Joy meant to be?

What brings more joy to a quilter than a fresh, new bundle of fabric?  I designed this quilt that features just that: little bundles of fabric wrapped with ribbon.  But I HAVE loved hearing what others see when they see this quilt.  How about you?  What do you see when you look at this quilt top?

What fabric did I use to make my ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt, and why

If you know me, you know that Amy Sinibaldi’s fabrics have been a favorite of mine as long as I have been quilting. (See other quilts I have made using her fabric here and here). One of the things I love about the fabric I picked for this quilt, ‘Mayfair’, are the colors and the tiny designs on the fabric.  Let me share a few ‘Bundles of Joy’ blocks and you can take a look for yourself. A close up of 'Bundles of Joy' quilt blocks using 'Mayfair' fabric by Amy Sinibaldi. These blocks are blue and purple.


Can you see the tiny flowers in the top fabric?  There’s hints of yellow, along with the dreamiest blue.  You can see a pop of the yellow fabric on the right, and notice the purples, pinks, and deep blues.  The colors make this fabric line turn any quilt into something you would find at a cute boutique.  Maybe, for instance,  a cute store in London?  The entire line is inspired by Amy’s  time spent in London, so that’s very fitting. One 'Bundle Of Joy' Quilt block with a pink ribbon and blue and pink floral fabric. In this close up of a quilt block, you can see how Amy’s hand drawings are turned into the perfect, whimsical fabrics.  And if you are drooling over that custom quilting (come on quilters, you know you are), I’ll leave a link so you can find out who the magical hands behind that was:  CUSTOM QUILTING. You can also try HAND QUILTING to give your quilt a custom feel.

Drawings Turned Into Fabric

Here are some of Amy’s hand drawings.  Notice her flowers here and in the quilt block above.  I just LOVE them! Amy Sinibaldi's black and white ink hand drawn flowers and vases. If you like these drawings, be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST, as well, all about sharing beautiful paper products + quilts with others.


If you like what you see here and want to make your own the ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt, you are in luck! I now have a paper version of the pattern along with the digital download. Want to get your hands on this fabric?   I’ll link a few online shops that sell it HERE and HERE. A Bundle of Mayfair Fabric with the Quilters Candy logo in the bottom right corner.

Quilt on a wall with a yellow chairin front of it. The quilt has colorful fabric bundles tied with ribbons  


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